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September 6, 2018

Big Picture

Billions in federal financial aid is going to students who aren’t graduating
Hechinger Report – Aug 27, 2018
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In front of the iconic Old Manse, the oldest building in Arkansas constructed solely for the purpose of educating black students, there’s a plaque recounting the rich and poignant history of Arkansas Baptist College.

Student Loan Watchdog Quits, Says Trump Administration ‘Turned Its Back’ On Borrowers
NPR.org – Aug 27, 2018 (LISTEN)
The federal official in charge of protecting student borrowers from predatory lending practices has stepped down.

College vs. Paycheck
New York Times – Aug 28, 2018
When I said I would miss the biggest party of our first year of college, my friend was dumbfounded. I had to go to work, I explained. “Just skip it,” she said.

Leveling the college admissions playing field
The Philadelphia Tribune – Aug 27, 2018
New research contains a message for high school students, especially low-income ones, who want to go to college: Take the SAT early and often.

As Students Head To Campus, Colleges Fear International Student Decline
Huffington Post – Aug 27, 2018
As college students head back to school, campus administrators are anxiously making their final count of international students enrolled for the fall semester.

Columns and Blogs

A Welcome Back to School Letter from A School Counselor
Post – Sep 5, 2018
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Combat freshmen faux-pas with these 5 tips
Tribune News Service – Sep 5, 2018
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

5 Extracurricular Tips to Boost College Admissions
The College Solution Blog – Sep 5, 2018
The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy


Helping Make College Application Decisions: Private Admission Counselors
Forbes – Sep 5, 2018
In a state that doesn’t require counselors in schools, Abbott is recommending school districts find money to hire more counselors and allow them to focus on student mental health rather than administrative tasks like scheduling and college admissions

School Counselors: Unsung Heroes of School Climate
Education Week (blog)-Aug 27, 2018
In January 2016, my school embarked on a journey to pursue a trauma-informed approach to education primarily because the research and brain science is clear that trauma impacts brain development, behavior, academics, and even health outcomes.

Extra duties limited school counselors’ face time with students. A new rule is changing that
The Tennessean – Aug 27, 2018
Middle school counselor Denise Owens previously closed her door to students during one of the most stressful periods of the academic year — exam days — when anxious students often need to talk to a trusted adult.

Iowa College Aid Aims to Provide School Counselors with Tools to Guide Students
whotv.com- Aug 29, 2018
DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa College Aid is launching new training program for counselors and professionals who work in a college access field..


Q&A: Student Loan Tips for Parents
US News & World Report – Aug 22, 2018
The Student Loan Ranger receives many questions from readers. On occasion, we like to share some queries that other borrowers are likely to relate to.

Science says parents of successful kids have these 11 things in common
Business Insider – Aug 29, 2018

Why Your Kids Should Pay for College
News-Herald.com-Aug 28, 2018

Parents Of College Students Must Face Privacy Issues
WUTR WFXV CNYhomepage-Aug 27, 2018


Harvard admissions case could determine the future of affirmative action
PBS NewsHour – Aug 30, 2018
The Trump administration came out against Harvard University’s admission practices on Thursday. A legal battle brought by a group of Asian Americans against one of the most selective schools.


Admissions Process & Strategy

Dos & Don’ts of Asking Questions During a College Information Session
Her Campus – Sep 5, 2018
The college application process can be stressful, but visiting college campuses for informational sessions can actually be pretty fun—plus, it’s super informative!

College Connection: 10 tips for filing impressive applications (Part 1)
MyCentralJersey.com – Aug 30, 2018

3 Tips for Choosing the Right IB Course
US News & World Report – Sep 3, 2018

Career & Technical Education

When to Use Student Loans for a Career Program
US News & World Report – Aug 29, 2018
Students enrolling in alternative postsecondary trade schools are drawn to the prospect of an education that leads to job placement at a lower opportunity cost

America’s Best and Worst Colleges for Vocational Certificates
Washington MonthlyAug 26, 2018

SKILLED TRADES | More students seek opportunities in vocational training
Ventura County ReporterAug 29, 2018

College Essays

What You’re Doing Wrong in College Application Essays
Her Campus – Aug 27, 2018
There is no way to sugarcoat it: College apps are a lot of work. If you are a soon-to-be senior or already in the thick of your final year of high school

Application Essays Can Help Students Get Into College. Could They Also Predict Their Success?
EdSurge – Aug 29, 2018

College essay topics you should never, ever write about
WOAI- Aug 29, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – High school has just started, but most juniors and seniors are looking toward applying to a college.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

What Is Merit-Based College Aid and How Can I Get Some
TeenLife Blog – Aug 27, 2018
Generations of students and parents have groaned over a chore essential for those who need assistance in paying for college: filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Kids and Money: Survey shows many don’t understand college financial process
Virginian-Pilot-Aug 27, 2018

When it comes to financial aid, a college job can backfire
STLtoday.com-Aug 25, 2018

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Teen Health

The ‘lost decade’ of teen health
ABC News – Sep 3, 2018
Medical professionals call it ‘the lost decade’ – when young Australians enter their teenage years and all the healthcare attention they received as children goes out the window.

How to spot depression: 5 signs your teen might be struggling
Billings GazetteSep 4, 2018


Do You Know These 9 Best Tips for Acing the ACT?
TeenLife Blog – Aug 31, 2018
Preparing for a big exam is always a daunting proposition. And that goes double for college admissions tests like the ACT. .

Reports of leaked SAT leaves students wondering about integrity of test
USA Today – Aug 28, 2018

Taking the SAT is hard enough. Then students learned the test’s answers may have been leaked online
Los Angeles Times – Aug 28, 2018


Test-Maker Sued Over Divulging Students’ Disabilities
Disability Scoop-Aug 26, 2018
A major standardized test-maker is being accused of illegally disclosing students’ disabilities

College Rankings

How to Rank College Ranking Sites
Forbes – Aug 29, 2018
It’s college ranking list time again and everyone but those who make them will lament their effect on students and parents trying to make informed decisions about which colleges to apply to and attend.

2018 College Guide and Rankings
Washington Monthly – Aug 26, 2018
Welcome to the Washington Monthly’s annual College Guide and Rankings, where we rate schools based on what they are doing for the country. It’s our answer to U.S News & World Report