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September 27, 2018

Big Picture

The 2018 Surveys of Admissions Leaders: The Pressure Grows
Inside Higher Ed – Sep 24, 2018
Not only are a majority of colleges failing to fill their new classes by May 1, the traditional target date, but they are failing to do so by June 1 as well, according to the 2018 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors,

How the Great Recession changed higher education forever
Washington Post – Sep 21, 2018
Ten years ago this month, on the day the collapse of Lehman Brothers touched off the Great Recession, I was in New York with a group of college and university presidents to discuss the critical issues facing higher education. 

Columns and Blogs

Increased Funding Could – That’s Could—Help Counselors. Here’s How.
Post – Sep 26, 2018
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D 

Staying healthy on campus
Tribune News Service – Sep 24, 2018
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

5 Extracurricular Tips to Boost College Admissions
The College Solution Blog – Sep 5, 2018
The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Writing a high school résumé that ‘works
College Explorations – Sep 26, 2018
College Explorations with Nancy Griesemer


Study Finds White College Admissions Counselors Looking For The ‘Right Kind’ Of Black Student
Forbes – Sep 26, 2018
Education is one of the standard answers many have for income inequality. If only people would apply themselves and get a college degree, they’d make more..

Report: Counselors Need Better Training to Help Students Apply to Colleges
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education-Sep 20, 2018
Confusing wording on financial aid documents, not enough access to school counselors along with the limited knowledge of the counselors they can access, 

College counselors give advice on getting into your dream school
Reporter Newspapers – Sep 20, 2018
Fall doesn’t just mean football and colorful leaves. It’s also college application season, the time that high school seniors are rushing to pull together packets of information about themselves that will assure their admission into their perfect colleges.s, 


Six Things College-Bound Students Can Do To Alleviate Parental Anxiety
Forbes – Sep 24, 2018
On a recent North Carolina public radio discussion about college admission, I and another guest mentioned “helicopter” and “snowplow” parents, the bane of teachers, professors, and college admission officers everywhere

Do You Want Your Parents to Live Nearby When You Go to College?
New York Times – Sep 25, 2018
After you graduate high school, do you see yourself going to college — or getting a job — near your parents? Do you like the idea of having your parents close by during your late teenage years and early 20s?


Why colleges tolerate fraternities
Vox – Sep 24, 2018
Fraternities (and sororities) are inseparable from college life. Why? The video explores the history of frats and how they managed to infiltrate college life despite a 150-year reputation as havens for heavy drinkin

Admissions Process & Strategy

Charlotte Talks: College Admissions SeasonCollege students give advice for high schoolers applying now
WFAE.org – Sep 20, 2018 (LISTEN)
The college admissions process has become ever-more tricky and as high schoolers and parents try to navigate this important process, we’ve enlisted some help. 

College Connection: ‘Early’ application deadlines looming
MyCentralJersey.com – Sep 20, 2018
What greater holiday gift is there for college-bound students than to receive a fat acceptance letter, or a congratulatory email, from their college of choice? 

Higher Ed: How Much Is Too Much On A College Application?
KUT-Sep 23, 2018 – KUT – Sep 23, 2018 (LISTEN)
High school seniors have something extra added to their workload in the fall semester. Those who are going on to college have to navigate the college application process. In this episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” 

Best college majors to get a high-paying job
CBS News – Sep 25, 2018

Career & Technical Education

Vocational Programs Likely To Expand In Florida, No Matter Who’s In The Governor’s Mansion Next
WLRN.org – Sep 21, 2018

Mike Rowe Promoting Tech Ed On South Dakota Tour
KELOLAND TV – Sep 20, 2018
BRANDON, S.D. – The man behind the hit TV show “Dirty Jobs” is in KELOLAND promoting the importance of technical education. Mike Rowe is making several stops during his time in South Dakota including a visit to Midwest Railcar Repair in Brandon. 

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Need Help Paying For College? There’s An App For That
NPR.org – Sep 25, 2018 (LISTEN)
At midnight, Oct. 1, the rush begins. – That’s when first-time and returning college students can get their first look at the 2019-’20 FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Busting merit scholarships myths
Thousand Oaks Acorn-Sep 19, 2018
Merit scholarships are a powerful tool for helping families pay for college, but myths persist about who can and can’t earn them.

Your student loan company just changed the terms of your agreement. What do you do next?
MarketPlace.org – Sep 20, 2018

Kids and Money: Financial aid process gets an upgrade
PostBulletin.com – Sep 24, 2018

This Latina’s App Helps Undocumented Students Find Ways To Pay For College
Forbes – Sep 21, 2018

College Visits

Native American teens stopped on college tour urge changes
Seattle Times – Sep 21, 2018
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — An attorney for two Native American brothers pulled from a Colorado State University tour earlier this year has demanded the


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Teen Health

Parents Are Leery Of Schools Requiring ‘Mental Health’ Disclosures By Student
NPR.org – Sep 21, 2018 (LISTEN)
Children registering for school in Florida this year were asked to reveal some history about their mental health. The new requirement is part of a law rushed through the state legislature after the February…

Addiction counselors embed in schools dealing with the opioid crisis
Hechinger Report -Sep 23, 2018
A treatment center that helps adults is now helping schools and children with addicted parents… 

Teens Sleeping Too Much, Or Not Enough? Parents Can Help
NPR.org – Sep 23, 2018 

How Students Can Find Mental Health Services on Campus
U.S. News & World Report-Sep 21, 2018


Test Optional College Admissions
CT News – Sep 25, 2018
On September 24, Colby College in Maine announced that it will allow students to apply for admission “test optional”.  

High School Counselors Think Colleges Should Drop SAT, ACT Requirements
Education Week (feee registration required) – Sep 24, 2018

Don’t let the SAT become the yardstick to measure California high schools
Los Angeles Times – Sep 21, 2018

3 Ways Practice Tests Can Elevate ACT, SAT Prep This Fall
U.S. News & World Report (blog) – Sep 24, 2018 


College Rankings

Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings 2019
Times Higher Education (THE)
The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings give students and their families the information that they need to help them choose where to .

A Modest Proposal on Rankings
Inside Higher Ed – Sep 17, 2018

This Is the Best College in Every State
Money Magazine – Sep 24, 2018
There are plenty of factors to weigh when researching your potential list of colleges: Cost. Graduation rates. Academic offerings. Social scene.