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October 17, 2019

Big Picture

Helping Low-Income Students Navigate College
New York Times – October 10, 2019
With multiyear programs, students receive the same high-end support as their upper-middle-class peers.

Some colleges are secretly tracking students before they even apply
Washington Post Podcast (LISTEN) – October 15, 2019
Universities are collecting more data about prospective students than ever before — in part to help better predict which students are most likely to apply, accept an offer and enroll in classes. It’s a trend that could raise a hidden barrier for underprivileged students seeking a college education.

Undergraduate Business Education: What Are The Payoffs?
Forbes – October 9, 2019
Every year, I meet students like Griffin. I feel it’s my obligation to tell Griffin and his parents that an undergraduate degree in business (or a related field) is not a prerequisite for success in the business world. What matters most are skills in communications, critical thinking and data analysis.

Columns and Blogs

Oktoberunrest: Completed the Application, But Won’t Hit Submit
Post – October 16, 2019
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D
Stray from the cliche – essay topics that will hurt you more than help you
Tribune News Service – October 16, 2019
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 

Got talent? Don’t miss college fairs for students in the
visual and performing arts!

Post – October 16, 2019
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer


Storefront Advising Programs Bring Free College Counseling Into Low-Income Communities
EdSurge – October 10, 2019
Colorful college pennants line the walls in a small room at a public library branch in the city’s Near Northside. At a table with stacks of flyers advertising scholarships, a family confers quietly with a counselor. Students come here from miles around to meet—first-come, first-served—with advisers for help navigating all things higher education

Area school counselors speak with factory managers, owners
Beatrice Daily Sun – October 14, 2019
Local high school students toured local factories last week—this week, it was the school counselors’ turn to meet with the businesses and learn ways to help students interested in manufacturing careers.

March For Our Lives Arizona says students want more counselors, fewer officers in schools
AZCentral – October 10, 2019
Arizona schools appear to be taking notice, but students say officials still are not doing enough.

School counselors make adjustments in a changing world for children’s mental health
News Center Maine – October 11, 2019
On World Mental Health Awareness Day, old stigmas of mental health are being tossed away by new teachings from local school counselors.


How guilt can lead to student loan debt
Fremont News Messenger – October 14, 2019
Let’s talk through how guilt can lead to choices that ultimately won’t help your kids, and some alternatives that will help them.

How to Tour Colleges with Your Kids–And Stay on Budget
NY Metro Parents – October 9, 2019
These tips can help you avoid tour budget burnout and learn more about the colleges your child is visiting.

Opinion: Avoid these 6 expensive mistakes when talking to your teen about college
MarketWatch – October 14, 2019
When students only attend college to appease their parents, 74% will drop out or transfer. How parents talk to their children about all of their post-secondary choices can determine whether these teens ultimately succeed or fail.


The spiraling cost of college
CBS News – October 14, 2019
In our new series we look at the rising cost of attending a public college, which has risen ten-fold since 1965. Tony Dokoupil reports on how amenities at some universities, aimed at attracting more students, are adding to the spiraling cost of higher education.

Admissions Process & Strategy

The 6 Top Mistakes Made by High School Students Applying to College
Pleasanton Weekly – October 10, 2019

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?
Teen Life Blog – October 16, 2019
There’s a theory among tees and many parents, which says the more colleges you apply to, the better your chances. In theory it makes sense, but there are other things to consider besides hedging your bets with numbers.

This Is What Really Makes a College Application Stand Out, According to an Admissions Pro
Inc. Magazine – October 11, 2019
A student’s high school transcript tells the college admission evaluator much more than letter grades.

To get into a top college, your character matters, too
CNBC – October 11, 2019
In the wake of the college admissions scandal, admissions directors are quietly turning their attention to something besides test scores. To\day, almost every institution is looking more carefully at character…Authenticity and honesty are at a premium.


Should You Apply Early Decision To College?
Forbes – October 11, 2019
Early Decision is an option that is generally only used by a small subset who are well-versed in what it takes to get into top schools. But unlike many other strategies, it’s an option that is equally available and accessible to every student—and you should definitely be considering it. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions—and the real answers.

10 Colleges Where Early Applicants Have an Edge
US News & World Report – October 15, 2019
At each school, the early acceptance rate was more than 47 percentage points higher than the regular acceptance rate, per U.S. News data.

Early Decision: For the Privileged?
Inside Higher Ed – October 14, 2019
With colleges and universities enrolling more and more early-decision applicants, a panel of experts at NACAC convened to answer the question of who, exactly, is benefiting. Panelists didn’t disagree — the privileged are benefiting.

Career & Technical Education

Board of Technical Education finds promising results in dual credit enrollment analysis
The Daily Republic (SD) – October 10, 2019
The program has helped lower how much students take out in student loans to complete their associates or three-year degree. The program also gives students confidence in their ability to continue their education after high school, especially for those who are the first generation in their family to earn a degree.

Why Skills Training Can’t Replace Higher Education
Harvard Business Review – October 6, 2019
Of course, short-term vocational skills-based programs are critically important and well suited for many people. But is this an acceptable policy choice for addressing the demands of the 21st century workplace and fixing the shortcomings of American higher education at this point?

Financial Aid/Scholarships

What’s the Difference Between Federal and Institutional Financial Aid?
Student Loan Hero – October 9, 2019
In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the differences and similarities between federal and institutional financial aid, each of which can help you pay for college. We’ll also review some tips on how you can get both kinds.

Not getting what you expect from FAFSA? Here are your next steps to funding college
AL.com – October 10, 2019

What You Need to Know About Taxes and Filling Out Your FAFSA
Forbes – October 9, 2019

Ultimate Guide: How to Find and Secure Scholarships for College
Yahoo! Finance – October 10, 2019
Here are a few responses to common questions to help guide students through the college scholarship application process.

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Inside The Admissions Office

Subtle Leadership
Georgia Tech Admission Blog
October 11, 2019

Colleges want to enroll leaders: in how many ways are YOU a leader?

Is it Easier to Get in ED?
Tufts Undergraduate Admissions
October 10, 2019

A guarantee of travel season is that every single day, I will be asked at least one time, “Isn’t it reallyyyy easier to get in ED?” My answer to this question is yes. And no. And kind of.

Teen Health

What Are the Best Ways to Deal with Cyberbullying?
Youth Health – October 10, 2019
Whether you’re a teen who’s experiencing cyberbullying or you’re a parent, the following are things to know and tips for dealing with this difficult situation.

What’s next for #MeToo? This college might have the answer.
Vox – October 10, 2019
The College of New Jersey is fighting sexual assault with an approach called restorative justice. The focus is not punishment, but healing.

Should Teens Consider Online Therapy For Psychological Help?
Youth Health – October 10, 2019

High School Vape Culture Can Be Almost As Hard To Shake As Addiction, Teens Say
NPR – October 14, 2019


How to Get SAT, ACT Fee Waivers
Yahoo! Finance – October 11, 2019
The waivers may come with additional benefits, as the testing companies provide a number of college application fee waivers to students who have their test fee waived

Online Tools That Can Support ACT, SAT Prep
US News & World Report – October 14, 2019
Diversify your SAT and ACT test prep and maximize your study time by adding some different types of online resources to your routine.

What the PSAT Is and What to Know About the Exam
US News & World Report – October 10, 2019
The PSAT is good preparation for the SAT and may yield college scholarships for top scorers.

ACT Section Retesting: Too Good To Be True?
Chariot Learning – October 9, 2019
As ideal as ACT section retesting sounds, buried in the fine print lies a critical restriction. Section retests are only available through online testing, which may mean they won’t be available at all for most students in 2020 or beyond.


Disabled Students Collective pushes for ‘quiet spaces’ at campus events
The GW Hatchet (George Washington University) – October 14, 2019
A student-led organization that advocates for students with disabilities is pushing for more classroom and event accessibility and enhanced digital communication.

Special-Needs Students May Need An Extra $25,000+ For College
Financial Advisor Magazine – October 15, 2019
Although schools have to make a “reasonable accommodation” for disabilities, there is no standard for what they are required to provide.

Student Voices

Things I Considered When Choosing a College and Whether They Really Mattered
UM Admissions Blog – October 15, 2019
The author is a senior at the University of Michigan
My broader message is that, as you choose a college, you should try to be practical, be skeptical, but most of all, be honest with yourself: it’s a big decision worth making carefully.

The protection of affirmative action isn’t enough
The Daily Princetonian – October 10, 2019
The author is a first-year at Princeton
Viewing the issue only in terms of affirmative action allows universities to cover up larger financial and experiential discrepancies in the student population.