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November 8, 2018

Big Picture

States’ Slow, Steady Embrace of Need-Based Aid
Inside Higher Ed – Nov 5, 2018
Amount of state financial aid dollars awarded based on financial need grew by 3 percent in most recent year, and by half over a decade, annual study finds. 

Should Massachusetts tax its wealthiest higher ed institutions to subsidize the cost for public college students?
Marketplace.org – Nov 1, 2018 (LISTEN)
For the first time this year, colleges with large endowments are going to have to start paying a new tax that passed as part of the GOP’s tax plan.

The Harvard Trial: A Double-Edged Sword for College Admissions
New York Times – Nov 2, 2018
BOSTON — For the past three weeks, a succession of officials, students and academics have taken the witness stand in a federal trial here that has shaken the foundations of college admissions and explored what diversity means in America. 

Students Begin To Tap The Brakes On The Campus Amenities Arms Race
Forbes – Nov 5, 2018
Colleges are spending billions of dollars building and equipping facilities meant to lure students to their campuses, feeding their hearty appetites for up-scale dining and luxury living.

Does ‘Cheap States’ Theory Explain High College Prices?
Forbes – Nov 6, 2018
For years we have been hearing that a major reason college prices are so high is that state governments, which directly subsidize public colleges, keep cutting what they spend on higher education.

The Stakes for the Harvard Trial Are Higher Now That It’s Over
The Atlantic – Nov 2, 2018

Columns and Blogs

Before You Yell at Your School Counselor
Post – Nov 7, 2018
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D 

College interview season is upon us…
Tribune News Service – Nov 6, 2018
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Getting Help with the FAFSA and CSS Profile
The College Solution Blog – Oct 17, 2018
The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy


The ‘reading advantage’ in college admissions
College Explorations Blog – Nov 7, 2018
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer 


Nationwide, school counselors are outnumbered & overwhelmed
WUSA9.com-Nov 1, 2018
The clear majority of public school counselors are overwhelmed and outnumbered according to national data reviewed by WUSA 9 and a team of TEGNA journalists around the country.

School counselors: Overuse of word ‘bullying’ problematic
WOODTV.com-Nov 2, 2018
GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Two weeks after a controversial school flyer about bullying angered parents at a Calhoun County school, counselors in another West Michigan district weighed in on the debate.

‘It’s Not Surprising to Any Of Us.’ College Counselors Shrug at Harvard Admissions Secrets Spilled In Trial
Harvard Crimson –  Nov 7, 2018
As the high-profile and high-stakes Harvard admissions trial spilled secret after secret of the College’s notoriously private admissions process across the past three weeks, high schoolers around the country followed along with bated breath.


Should you save for your retirement or your kids’ college? Here’s the math
NBC News – Nov 6, 2018
It’s a financial decision many American families face as their children get older: Does building up the college fund or saving for retirement take priority?

Everyday cheapskate: Parents: Stop taking out parent loans for your kids’ college
Herald & Review – Nov 7, 2018
As a parent, you are responsible for taking care of your child, but you are also responsible for taking care of yourself. Taking out loans so that your child can enroll in the college of her dreams may sink your dreams of ever retiring.

Why Sports Parents Sometimes Behave So Badly
New York Times – Nov 1, 2018
A video captured the angry crowd as it swarmed a football field to protest a penalty flag. A man grabbed the referee from behind and body-slammed him onto the ground.

How to Be a Good Parent to a Teenager
WebMD – Nov 7, 2018
If you have a teenager at home, you may, like many parents, be praying to survive these tumultuous years. I recently listened to an experienced social worker…


Could Harvard discrimination case change college admissions nationwide?
PBS NewsHour  – Nov 2, 2018
The Harvard admissions trial in Boston concluded Friday and it could have implications for affirmative action nationwide. The case alleges that qualified Asian-American applicants…

Admissions Process & Strategy

What College Admissions Committees Are Really Looking For
The Hudson Independent – Nov 2, 2018
Many students applying to college this fall will no doubt fret over every detail of their applications. The truth is, however, that college admissions committees do

How Gender Influences College Admissions
U.S. News & World Report – Nov 2, 2018
When it comes to college admissions decisions, there is one factor that influences the decision-making process that college hopefuls may not realize: gender.

College corner: For selective schools, here’s how you stand out
Davis Enterprise – Nov 6, 2018
“What are my chances of getting in to (highly competitive college)?” I get this question a lot. And while I try my best to provide a clear answer, the truth is, it depends.

Career & Technical Education

The Rise of Early-Career Enhancers in Education
EdSurge – Nov 7, 2018
General Assembly, a bootcamp, will help you master new skills in design, marketing, technology and data—and offer to help you get a job.

College Isn’t For Everyone; Consider These Options, as Well
Inside INdiana Business-Nov 5, 2018
College is expensive. According to U.S. News, the average tuition and fees at an in-state public college comes out to $9,716, compared with $35,676 for private colleges per year. Public, out-of-state schools cost about $21,629 on average per year.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

How to recognize and avoid college scholarship scams
The Macomb Daily – Nov 5, 2018
Average college costs have doubled in the last two decades, and this financial pressure along with new technologies makes today’s students particularly vulnerable to financial aid and scholarship scams.

How To Fill In FAFSA And CSS Profile: 14 Tips For The Most Financial Aid
Forbes – Nov 1, 2018
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile are the most common financial aid forms and the 2019-2020 application for both became available on October 1.

Consumer Reports has advice for high school and college students about FAFSA’s new mobile app to apply for financial aid
KGO-TV-Nov 5, 2018

FAFSA launches myStudentAid app
KSAT San Antonio-Nov 2, 2018

6 Common Mistakes Students Make While Filling Up FAFSA Form
NB Post Gazette (blog)-Nov 6, 2018

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Teen Health

Major depression in American youth rising, new report says
Washington Post – Nov 2, 2018
A new report on the state of mental health in the United States says that in recent years, there have been “alarming” 

Alarming number of teens are using sleep aids
Chicago Sun-Times – Nov 1, 2018
Teens don’t get enough sleep and one in four cope by medicating. Less than three percent of teens get the recommended 8 or 9 hours of sleep a day, according to a recent Pediatrics study.



Tips for SAT Writing, Language Questions
U.S. News & World Report -Nov 5, 2018
Questions on the SAT Writing and Language test fall into two categories: Expression of Ideas and Standard English Conventions. 

Inertia in College Lists
Inside Higher Ed – Nov 5, 2018
Much is written about students who think they are Ivy material only to have their dreams crushed by bombing the SATs 


Q: Can My Gifted High School Student Still Get an IEP or 504 Plan?
ADDitude – Nov 7, 2018
Your child has always excelled in school, until suddenly – in high school – the workload is too much.

When Someone Doesn’t Want to Believe You Have ADHD
PsychCentral.com (blog)- Nov 7, 2018
When trying to explain our condition to others, people with ADHD frequently run into problems like a lack of awareness over what ADHD 

College students with disabilities are too often excluded
Albany Times Union-Nov 5, 20188

College Essays

OPINION: College admission essays demonstrate writing abilities
KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper – Nov 5, 2018
Since this past summer, fewer than 25 schools including Harvard and Yale, have made the decision to not require the essay portions of the SAT and ACT for applying students.