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November 7, 2019

Big Picture

Five Predictions About U.S. Higher Education In 2040
Forbes – October 30, 2019

House Panel Votes To Let Students With Drug Convictions Keep College Aid
Forbes – November 1, 2019
First enacted in 1998, the Higher Education Act (HEA) Aid Elimination Penalty has since costs hundreds of thousands of students access to the means to pay for their tuition, many because of low-level marijuana offenses.

Some College, No Degree
Inside Higher Ed – October 31, 2019
Report features broad new data on 36 million Americans who left college without a credential, including 3.8 million who returned to college. The center’s new data show that roughly 10 percent of people with some college, no degree have a high potential to earn a credential if they re-enroll.

Columns and Blogs

Fixing College Admissions: If There Was Just One Thing…
Post – November 6, 2019
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Don’t make stupid mistakes on your applications
Tribune News Service – November 6, 2019
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 

Headlines from NACAC’s 2019 State of College Admission
Post – November 6, 2019
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer


Addition of College and Career Readiness Advisors Expected to Offset National Counselor-Student ratio of 455-to-1
NewsWise – November 5, 2019
Educators from across the country left the CFES Brilliant Pathways National Conference on Nov. 2 armed with innovative ideas for preparing students to enter a constantly evolving workforce based on input from leaders in business, education and the non-profit sector.

Looking for College in All the Wrong Places: How to Help Students Discover What Matters
EdSurge – November 5, 2019
The choices are overwhelming, and the stakes are high. Searching for colleges where they will thrive, students compile their lists using standard metrics—size, location, major—unaware that they are eliminating some great options.

The Road To College Is Paved With Email
MediaPost – November 5, 2019
Logic seems to indicate that Gen Z high school students prefer social media for marketing by colleges. It’s not so, according to Eduventures 2019 Student Sentiment Research Report.


7 College Tips for Parents: Adjusting to Parenting an Adult
Azusa Pacific University – November 5, 2019
As your children take steps toward becoming adults and following their chosen career paths, your relationships will naturally evolve. It’s not always simple—but there are a lot of strategies and college tips for parents that can make it easier.

Tips for Parents with College-Bound Teens
Thrive Global – November 5, 2019
College students who are accustomed to frequent monitoring at home are overwhelmed when they get on campus and often don’t seek help until it’s too late. What’s more, parents and their teenagers don’t always focus on sharpening the emotional skills that will serve them well in their new environment.

What Do Parents Want From College?
Forbes – November 4, 2019
Among all the things for which middle-class families value a college education, none is so important as the fact that these critical institutions will cultivate their children’s potential.


Why colleges are reconsidering their reliance on standardized tests for admission
PBS News Hour – November 5, 2019
A college admissions scandal involving several celebrities has cast an ugly spotlight on how entry into higher education can be gamed. Standardized tests like the ACT and SAT are a key point in the saga, and they now face renewed scrutiny over their value — and their correlation to economic background. John Yang reports and talks to Jeff Selingo, author of several books on higher education. (audio-only and full transcript also available] 

Admissions Process & Strategy

College Planning Guide: 10 things you need to do in November
NewportRI.com – November 2, 2019
This month, for members of the Class of 2020, I have created 10 things to remember in the busy world of college admissions.

Helping Students Pick a Unique College Admission Essay Topic
Edutopia – November 1, 2019
Many college admission essays are the same, but these exercises can help students find topics that make them stand out.

9 Essential Practices to Make College Pay Off
Kiplinger – November 4, 2019
One of the biggest investments families make is the money they spend on college. Here are nine things college students should do during their school years to help ensure the best return on that investment.

Navigate admission process without losing your mind
The Oklahoman – November 3, 2019
With college applicants and their families dealing with more information, complication and competition than ever before, how do you get through the process without pulling out your hair?

Career & Technical Education

The best way to help companies find workers with the right skills? Apprenticeships, a new report says
CNBC Make It – October 31, 2019
For the report, Accenture surveyed 1,000 community college students and 200 community college counselors.

The Next College (and Boot Camp) Alternative
Inside Higher Ed – November 6, 2019
Kenzie Academy positions itself as a faster, more affordable way to prepare first-generation students in the U.S. heartland for technology jobs.

Into the future: CTE program prepares students for success after high school
East Oregonian – November 6, 2019
Hannah Melville can’t register to vote yet, but she does know how to operate a laser cutter and a 3D printer, thanks to the Hermiston High School’s Computer Aided Design classes.

Projects-based learning can engage future builders
Santa Fe New Mexican – November 2, 2019
For decades, America’s laudable consensus had been that all kids deserved a college education. The unintended consequence was the effective abandonment of vocational education

Financial Aid/Scholarships

5 Ways to Avoid Student Loans Completely
The Motley Fool – November 2, 2019
The reality is that borrowing for college is sometimes the only way to swing an education. But if you’d rather not go that route, you can try these approaches to steer clear of student debt completely.

6 Financial Pros and Cons of Applying to College Early
Student Loan Hero – November 4, 2019
Students who apply early action (EA) or early decision (ED) typically get a response in the winter…But while you might be eager to get accepted to college ASAP, applying early could have some downsides for your finances.

No Loan Colleges
NextStudent – November 5, 2019
For students with excellent academic standings and outstanding extracurricular resumes, taking a closer look at colleges that meet 100% of demonstrated need may be the magic ticket to attend college without the big price tag.

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Teen Health

Mental health prep for the college-bound, and how parents can help
The Philadelphia Inquirer – October 30, 2019
Many college-bound students are managing a mental health diagnosis and often medication. According to the authors, ages 14 to 26 is when most mental illness most often strikes.

Research says high-achieving schools lead to high stress levels in students
WMC5 Boston – November 5, 2019
It’s a paradox for parents. You want your child to go to a high school that offers lots of opportunities, like advanced placement or college-level classes, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. But researchers are finding that these high-achieving schools are producing students that run the risk of burning out.

Think college is hard? This student tackled cancer before he even moved into his dorm room
CNBC – November 4, 2019
In high school, during the summer going into my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with cancer, at the age of 15. This prevented me from living the normal life of a high schooler as I was pulled from my classes and began treatment.


Test Optional Admissions: Seniors Beware
Atlanta Jewish Times – October 30, 2019
A college and career consultant dives into the confusing and ever-changing trend of test optional college admissions, including some important exceptions.

Standardized tests still a big factor in college admissions, report finds
EducationDive – November 1, 2019
Despite aggressive campaigns from anti-testing activists to eliminate the SAT and ACT as factors in college admissions, a significant number of institutions still consider the standardized assessments to be an important metric in judging prospective students’ academic potential

What students should know before taking an SAT prep course
SI News – November 1, 2019
Do you really need to take an SAT prep course? It all depends. Here are some key facts to know before you sign up.

Student Voices

Students blast Pa.’s largest community college for cutting campus mental health services while spending big on renovations
PA Post – October 31, 2019
‘Where’s your money going?’ one student asked of the college. ‘Because there are people who don’t have insurance who really rely on these services for help.’

Standardized testing needs to change
Amherst Wire – October 31, 2019
The author is a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
I took the SAT twice in high school…After both exams, I was hungry and frustrated that my future was determined by my test-taking abilities. A standardized test that only includes math and English does not measure intelligence but rather students test-taking abilities. They also measure how much students are willing to spend on getting a high score.