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November 29, 2018

Big Picture

Making higher education more relevant and worthwhile
Hechinger Report – Nov 26, 2018
The American higher education system, as it exists today, runs the risk of ripping off an entire generation. That’s according to Cathy Davidson, an English professor and director of the Futures Initiative at the City University of New York 

Higher Education Needs New Models
Inside Higher Ed – Nov 26, 2018
We must provide better and more affordable opportunities for more people, writes Matthew S. Holland, citing a “dual-mission” approach as one example 

College Side Hustle
NPR.org – Planet Money – Nov 27, 2018 (LISTEN)
The number of students going to college and university has been falling for the better part of a decade. Since 2011, enrollment of both undergrads and graduate students at degree-granting institutions has declined by 1.7 million students 

The Real Reason International Students Are Fleeing U.S. Colleges (It’s Not Trump)
Forbes – Nov 16, 2018
The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that new enrollments of international students at American colleges are shrinking for the first time in over a decade. 

DeVos warns of crisis over ballooning student debt
PBS Newshour – Nov 27, 2018
WASHINGTON — Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says ballooning student debt has caused a crisis in higher education and that the traditional path to college might not be the best choice for everyone. 

Columns and Blogs

Making the FAFSA More User Friendly
Post – Nov 28, 2018
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D 

Remember these safety tips on campus
Tribune News Service – Nov 27, 2018
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Getting Help with the FAFSA and CSS Profile
The College Solution Blog – Oct 17, 2018
The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy


The ‘reading advantage’ in college admissions
College Explorations Blog – Nov 7, 2018
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer 


Reducing the Role of Wealth in College Access Through Counselor Training
Inside Higher Ed – Nov 18, 2018
Counselors see the impact of economic inequality but need more help to reduce its impact, writes Patrick O’Connor.

Why school counselors matter
The Boston Globe – Nov 23, 2018
School counselors face a herculean task. Consider a typical counselor’s daily routine: In the morning, meet with students to review their classes: What credits do they still need to graduate? What courses will help them get into college?

The Radar: An Educator’s Response to the Pittsburgh Tragedy
ACCIS AdmitAll Blog – Nov 14, 2018
When I received a text message from our school counselor this past Monday evening, I showed it to my husband and said, “I’m officially on the radar.”

State Lawmakers Think School Counselors Should Spend More Time Counseling
WVTF.org – Nov 15, 2018 (LISTEN)
What will it take for Virginia schools to be more secure? A panel of lawmakers recently looked at the issue and made a number of key recommendations.

Why Paterson launched drop-in centers to get teens to college
NorthJersey.com – Nov 20, 2018
PATERSON — In an effort to increase the number of students who attend college, nine community organizations are creating after-school “resource centers” in different parts of the city..


College Admission And Parent Gratitude
Forbes – Nov 20, 2018
As parents, we need only to wrap our arms around our children to experience extreme gratitude. Unfortunately, in our fear and desire to protect our children at all costs, we often lose sight of reality

As we await admission decisions, I already miss my college-bound son
Dallas News – Nov 26, 2018
It’s application season for high school seniors with college plans, which means my son has written his autobiography, 150 to 600 words at a time, for universities

College test prep scams targeting parents of high school students
KLFY-Nov 19, 2018
There are several scams targeting parents of high school students preparing for college. The scammers claim to be from the organization responsible for the PSAT and SAT test

Having ‘The Talk’ about college costs with your teen
WJHL-TV News Channel 11-Nov 15, 2018

College career centers up their game as parents focus on ‘outcomes’
Seattle Times – Nov 22, 2018


How schools are forced to close as rural populations dwindle
PBS NewsHour  – Nov 27, 2018
Across the country, rural schools are being forced to shut down as more families move to urban areas and funding sources dry up. In Arena, Wisconsin, six-year-old Brady Schlamp must now travel 10 miles to school

Admissions Process & Strategy

A Guide to Different Types of College Degrees
US News & World Report (blog) – Nov 26, 2018
Students pursuing higher education have a world of options to choose from, from credentials such as badges and certificates to a range of college degree levels.

Getting accepted: Tips from a college admissions officer
CBS 19 News – Nov 16, 2018 (VIDEO)
Albemarle High School senior Hailee Sillett was speechless when she got into Longwood University through on-site admissions on Tuesday.

3 Reasons to Review a College’s Student Loan Default Rate
U.S. News & World Report (blog)-Nov 21, 2018
The cohort default rate shows how previous students from that school have fared at repaying their student loans.

25% of College Admissions Officers Say They Look at Applicants’ Social Media
TeenVogue – Nov 28, 2018

Career & Technical Education

Trading in College: A New Normal for Young Adults
KULR-TV – Nov 28, 2018
We’ve all heard it: you do well in high school, you go off to college, get a good job, buy a nice house and live happily ever after. But that American dream isn’t playing out for many college grads like it used to.

Minnesota’s tech colleges see surge in skilled-trades training
Minnesota Public Radio News – Nov 26, 2018 (LISTEN)
Kyle Vickerman recalls talking with his boss at Ziegler CAT construction about how he might someday advance in the company. The response was immediate — in a good way.

Betsy DeVos to the rescue: For-profit colleges see a savior in secretary
Washington Post – Nov 23, 2018

Career and technical education is win-win for students, job creators
The Seattle Times – Nov 15, 2018

Financial Aid/Scholarships

How The FAFSA Can Cash In On College Aid
Forbes – Nov 16, 2018
For high school seniors or college-age students, the fall is prime time for FAFSAs. This free government form, best filled out online, is the keystone to obtaining financial aid.

12 Colleges That Give Merit Aid to the Most Students
US News & World Report (blog)  – Nov 20, 2018
At least 41 percent of full-time students at each of these schools received merit scholarships in fall 2017, U.S. News data show.

Ask the Expert: How do 529 college savings plans impact financial aid?
Newsday – Nov 15, 2018

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Teen Health

On Leave: College Wellness, Mental Health And Not Returning To Campus
WBUR.org – OnPoint – Nov 27, 2018
Your college student came home for Thanksgiving and didn’t go back to campus. 

How to Help Your College Student Access Mental Health Care
Psychology Today (blog)-Nov 18, 2018
“Mom, why is it so hard to find a therapist or psychiatrist when you need one?” asks your daughter Emily, a college freshman. It is the week before Thanksgiving…



Deciding to take the ACT or the SAT depends on school preference
Chicago Tribune-Nov 22, 2018
I am a junior in high school and am wondering if I should sign up to take the SAT or the ACT as I move forward in my college application process.  

How to Choose Between Testing as a High School Junior or Senior
US News & World Report – Nov 26, 2018
There is no shortage of advice available to students who plan to take either the ACT or the SAT.  

How to Ace the SAT Passport to Advanced Math Section
US News & World Report – Nov 19, 2018 

3 FreeSAT and ACT Test Prep Resources, and Why You Should Use Them
eLearningInside News – Nov 19, 2018

10 Top Colleges That Don’t Care About Your SAT Scores
Money – Nov 14, 2018


How to Create a Welcoming Culture for Autistic Students
The Chronicle of Higher Education – Nov 15, 2018
When I was diagnosed with autism, at 13, at first I didn’t think anything had changed.

Will My Child With Autism Succeed in College?
US News & World Report – Nov 8, 2018
FOR STUDENTS WITH autism, going to college has become a very attainable opportunity. In fact, more than 44 percent of students with autism receive education beyond high school 

College Visits

5 Things College Tour Guides Wish They Could Tell You
Her Campus – Nov 23, 2018
One of the best ways to find out if a college is the right fit for you is actually visiting it in-person. But once you’re there, it’s easy to get lost and look around at a gorgeous campus and think, Now what?

Opinion: Virtual reality tours give rural students a glimpse of college life
PBS NewsHour – Nov 25, 2018
The first time that Nyah visited the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for a campus tour, there wasn’t much of a chance to see what takes place inside the classrooms.

6 steps to ace a college interview, according to an expert who worked in Ivy League admissions
Business Insider – Nov 15, 2018
1. When colleges ‘encourage’ you to schedule an ‘optional’ interview, they mean ‘required’ Colleges want to see demonstrated interest because it indicates your likelihood to enroll there if admitted.

Gap Year

How To Make A Gap Year Look Good to Colleges
Teen Life Blog – Nov 27, 2018
You’ve probably heard friends or other people in your life talk about something called a gap year. A gap, which actually could be as short as a semester or longer than a year, is time students can take between graduating high school