May 24, 2018 Issue

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Big picture
Why a college degree has become more important after the Great Recession, not less
Marketplace - May 22, 2018
With unemployment at record lows, 2018 is a good year to be a college senior graduating into the American labor market. Nine years ago, with the economy still on the way to the bottom of the recession
An Unusual Idea for Fixing School Segregation
The Atlantic - May 23, 2018
Many proposals for addressing school segregation seem pretty small, especially when compared to the scale and severity of the problem
The Higher Education Nearly All Americans Love
The Atlantic - May 21, 2018
Two surveys last year painted an unambiguous picture: Republicans had soured on higher education.  They thought colleges had a negative impact on the country and the “way things were going.”
OPINION: The serious consequences of DeVos’ about-face on for-profit colleges
Hechinger Report - May 21, 2018
Colleges Don't Need To Change To Close Skills Gap
Forbes - May 22, 2018
Higher education is under substantial pressure.  Although they are largely unfounded and misleading, there are daily headlines about the rising cost of college. There is growing anxiety that
Admissions Process & Strategy
What 'Demonstrated Interest' Means in College Admissions
US News - May 21, 2018
In addition to reviewing transcripts, essays and test scores, some college admissions officers look at whether prospective students have shown enthusiasm and curiosity
Ask These Questions Before Starting The College Search
Forbes - May 21, 2018
College Admissions: Showing Your Best Side on Social Media
Voice of America-May 19, 2018
College Visits
8 Questions to Ask on a College Tour
Wise Bread - May 22, 2018
For three years as an undergraduate, I worked as a campus tour guide for prospective students interested in attending my college. It was one of my favorite jobs during my college career because it gave me a chance
This Advice on Writing College Essays This Summer Will Surprise You
TeenLife Blog - May 22, 2018
As a college essay writing coach, I have some counterintuitive college essay writing advice for you: Don’t put a hardcore focus on writing your college essay during the summer.
How to write a college application essay
Baltimore Post-Examiner-May 17, 2018
What students can do this summer to plan for college
Fox-2 - May 23, 2018
NEW YORK- College costs continue to go up and experts advise using the summer months to get a jumpstart on the college application process.
The Death of the Summer Job
U.S. News & World Report-May 18, 2018
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Columns and Blogs

Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Summer Melt: Calling Out the Colleges
Post - May 24, 2018

College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Juniors, here’s who you should ask for letters of recommendation and when
Tribune News Service -May 22 2018

The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Mythical Golden Tickets and the Ivy League
The College Solution Blog - May 16, 2018
How Schools Across The Country Are Working To Detect Threats Made On Social Media - May 21, 2018
Some schools are working with outside technology companies to scan social media for threats against them and their students, in hopes of preventing mass shootings and student suicide.
More armed school staff, counselors discussed at first Texas roundtable
CNN- May 22, 2018
4 Powerful Ways To Find Free College Money
Forbes-May 18, 2018
If you’re a parent of a high school senior headed to college, it’s now the second-most anxious time of the year. The first nail-biter was waiting for college acceptance letters
What people get wrong about 529 college-savings plans
Washington Post - May 22, 2018
How Campus Police Can Help Colleges With Parent Relations
Campus Safety Magazine - May 23, 2018
Should high schools worry about what students do after graduation? This city says yes
PBS NewsHour - May 23, 2018
Chicago has a new plan to make sure kids pursue a college degree or have another viable career path after high school. By 2020, in order to get a diploma from Chicago public schools, a student will have to prove that they have a job
Career & Technical Education
Trump Taps Former Community College Official for Career and Technical Education Post
EdWeek - May 14, 2018
President Donald Trump has tapped Scott Stump, who runs Vivayic, Inc., “a learning solutions” company in Lincoln, Neb., as assistant secretary for career, technical, and adult education at the U.S. Department of Education.
Predatory Colleges, Freed to Fleece Students
New York Times (OpEd) - May 22, 2018
Teen Health
The Talk You Should Have With Your Teen Before Summer Starts
U.S. News & World Report-May 22, 2018
IN SHORT ORDER YOUR teen will be finished with the school year and looking forward to more unstructured time, fun with friends, shorts, bikinis, flirting and thoughts of a summer romance.
College Accommodations 101: Everything Students and Parents Need to Know
ADDitude - May 20, 2018
Getting services in college is more complicated than getting them in high school, but it’s much more manageable than you think. Here’s what you should know (and do) before your teen applies to college.
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May 24, 2018

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Financial Aid/Scholarships
Even financial aid won’t help you cover these college expenses
CNBC - May 21, 2018
If you think you’ve snagged just what you need to cover your college costs this fall, think again.
Rethinking financial aid: Small grants make a big difference in college completion
Washington Post - May 17, 2018
Students across the country are walking across the stage this month to accept college diplomas, marking one of the most consequential achievements of their lives.
How much should you pay for college?
CNNMoney - May 21, 2018
Students entering college this year could pay more than $190,000 for a bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, others will pay next to nothing.
How to Pick Between a Summer or Fall ACT, SAT Test Date
US News - May 21, 2018
Stop blaming the SAT
The Hill-May 21, 2018
Abolish Standardized Testing For College Admissions
HuffPost - May 23, 2018
A new study from the National Association for College Admission Counseling provides evidence that test-optional policies ?