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May 23, 2019

Big Picture

There’s More to College Than Getting Into College
The Atlantic – May 22, 2019
Applying to schools has become an endless chore—one that teaches students nothing about what really matters in higher education.

Students need a boost in wealth more than a boost in SAT scores
Hechinger Report- May 17, 2019
Sandardized tests that are used for the purposes of college admissions don’t predict for college success very well. Scores on the widely used SAT and ACT predict adequately

Can the political divide be mended by bringing rural and urban students together?
PBS News Hour – May 21, 2019
In a country fractured by political polarization, an Illinois program is hoping college students can help mend the rift. The University of Chicago and Eureka College created Bridging the Divide to address the harsh rhetoric that emerged from the 2016 electiony

Is ‘free college’ really free?
Christian Science Monitor-May 17, 2019
To make college more accessible, states are jumping in with ‘free college’ plans, but the concept is still evolving – generating debates about who benefits

New Effort to Examine Postsecondary Value
Inside Higher Ed-May 16, 2019
As scrutiny of college prices and outcomes mounts, a new panel co-chaired by leaders of Gates Foundation and state-college group aims to examine the value

Columns and Blogs

Buying a Dorm and the College Board Index—It’s the Same Thing
Post – May 22, 2019
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Now is the time to ask for letters of recommendation… don’t wait until the fall
Tribune News Service – May 22, 2019
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 

College Decision Day is an Illusion
Post – May 6, 2019
The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

NACAC reports nearly 500 fabulous colleges still admitting students for fall 2019
Post – May 15, 2019
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer


Counselors Blast College Board’s Plan to Assign Students a ‘Disadvantage’ Score
Education Week- May 21, 2019
The College Board’s plan to expand a program that’s designed to help colleges see students’ SAT performance more fairly, by scoring students’ high schools and neighborhoods by “level of disadvantage,” has rattled college counselors

NACAC Admitted Blog – May 20, 2019
A new e-learning course is now available from NACAC to help you guide student-athletes through the college recruitment process. Packed with resources and tons of helpful hints, The Counselor’s Guide to the Student-Athlete Advising Process 


What to Do When Your Teen Isn’t Ready For College
TeenLife Blog – May 22, 2019
In high school, I was the kid parents would kill to have. I didn’t party. I didn’t ditch class. I cried freshman year because I couldn’t find room 113 and missed my chance to make a good first impression

Thinking of cosigning a student loan for your child? You might regret it
CNBC-May 17, 2019
As the cost of college rises, more parents are cosigning private loans for their children’s education. That move can wreak havoc on older people’s financial lives

Are You a Helicopter Parent, a Lawn Mower or Worse: A Payoff Parent?
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – May 16, 2019
It’s time to come clean with yourself. Are you “that” parent (or grandparent)? The current arrests surrounding the college admissions scandal scream for us to look at ourselves in the mirror … now.

When a College Student Is Home for the Summer
New York Times – May 21, 2019
Birds aren’t the only creatures migrating in spring. In May, many college students swoop home for the summer, landing with their loads of dirty laundry and cravings for the comforts of home


Betting on a sports scholarship to pay for kids’ college? Don’t
CBS News – May 20, 2019
With the crushing cost of higher education in the U.S. and student debt continuing to climb, many U.S. parents have a dream for their children: a college sports scholarship, and maybe even a lucrative professional career

Admissions Process & Strategy

How Extracurricular Activities Benefit Grades and College Admission
TeenLife Blog – May 22, 2019
Research supports the positive academic and social outcomes when a student is engaged in sports, volunteering, clubs, organizations, and work-related activities throughout primary, middle, and in particular during a student’s high school 

5 Things High School Juniors Can Do To Jumpstart Their College Journey
Forbes – May 20, 2019
The figurative ink has dried on high school seniors’ commitments to colleges, but the excitement is still alive. College Signing Day—part of Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher initiative

Inside the nationwide effort to encourage students to take college credits — while still in high school
MarketWatch – May 20, 2019

Touted as an antidote to the college-cost crisis, the number of high-school students taking college courses has increased dramatically in recent years

Failure to Launch
Inside Higher Ed – May 22, 2019

A new report explains how and why a public-private partnership that sought to help more community college students transfer to selective universities failed.

What to Think About When Considering Colleges (Besides the Obvious)
Her Campus – May 17, 2019

When it comes to paying for college, most teens like the idea of not taking on debt, according to a new survey by Junior Achievement. 

Career & Technical Education

Technical education courses in demand by students, but facilities lag
Roanoke Times-May 18, 2019
When Franklin County High School seniors gather at Cy Dillon Stadium in red and white caps and gowns, the moment is bittersweet for county school board officials.

Diploma requirements still out of step with higher ed eligibility in most states
Education Drive – May 20, 2019
States are beginning to integrate career and technical education (CTE) and STEM-related courses into high school graduation requirements, and some are also revising diploma pathways to link coursework to postsecondary goals,

Financial Aid/Scholarships

How to win at negotiating college financial aid
Atlanta Journal Constitution – May 17, 2019
That can be said of getting the best financial aid package for college, but many students and parents are afraid to ask or don’t know where to start, some experts

Students and their families need support systems before they’re saddled with college debt
CNBC-May 17, 2019
I don’t blame parents, because as a parent of two myself, I know we just want what is best for our children. A college education is part of the American dream and

College Financial Aid Forms And Tuition For Divorced Parents
Lawyers.com Blog – May 17, 2019
Everyone knows about the skyrocketing cost of college tuition. So for divorcing couples with children, there may be questions about who is responsible for supporting a college-aged child’s education and who should complete financial aid

Why your financial aid may plummet after freshman year
NerdWallet  – May 21, 2019
Grants and scholarships are the best ways to pay for college because you don’t have to repay them. But if you chose a college because it offered you the most free money, your final bill may end up bigger than you thought.

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Teen Health

Teenage Girls and Dating Violence: Why We Should Be Paying Attention
New York Times  – May 22, 2019
A new study found that of nearly 2,200 homicides of young people from 2003 to 2016, some 7 percent — or 150 of those deaths — were at the hands of current or former intimate partners

My teens don’t use social media, but even they can’t escape the pressure of perfectionism
USA Today – May 22, 2019
My teenagers face a constant stream of information and a culture encouraging them to never unplug. No wonder our kids are under pressure.

Chevy rolls out new feature that locks teens out of driving until they buckle up
The Verge – May 21, 2019
Chevrolet introduced a new feature designed to force younger drivers to buckle their seatbelts. Teens are notorious seatbelt scofflaws: in 2017, only 59 percent of high school students reported always wearing seat belts when driving


The Real Story Behind The College Board’s SAT Adversity Score
Forbes – May 18, 2019
The College Board has for years been trying to rescue its floundering flagship, the SAT. The newly announced adversity score is just the latest unforced error from the testing giant.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Retaking the ACT, SAT
U.S. News & World Report (blog)-May 20, 2019
In fact, disappointing results lead many students to take either college admissions test two or more times. Fewer individuals, however, properly prepare for the

How Exactly Will SAT Test Takers’ “Adversity Score” Be Calculated?
Slate Magazine – May 21, 2019
On a scale of 1 to 100, how much adversity have you faced? The College Board, the nonprofit that administers the SAT and other standardized tests, is rolling out an algorithm to evaluate that as

The Problem With the SAT’s Idea of Objectivity
The Atlantic – May 18, 2019
Students taking the SAT will soon be subjected to a new kind of assessment. On top of their math and verbal results, indicating what knowledge they were able to summon internally while taking the exam,

SAT testing company to add ‘disadvantage’ score to some students’ exams
USA TODAY-May 16, 2019
The College Board is rolling out a new system that assigns SAT test-takers a score based on the environment they grew up in. Dubbed the Environmental Context Dashboard, the score will give prospective colleges another point


She got into college with extra help — without cheating — and extraordinary effort
Los Angeles Times – May 21, 2019
Emma Taylor doesn’t remember exactly when she drew the poster that defined her young life. Definitely elementary school. Possibly third grade. By then the learning disability that has shaped each of her 25 years had…

Student Athletes

NCSA: How to take college campus tours without travelings?
USA TODAY High School Sports – May 21, 2019
College visits can get expensive. Sure, if you’re fortunate enough to get invited on an official visit, the college can potentially pay for your airfare, room, meals and even provide complimentary tickets to an athletic event