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May 2, 2019

Big Picture

These college students will soon discover what living with debt is like
Marketplace.org – Apr 26, 2019 (LISTEN)
The United States is approaching a remarkable and worrisome milestone. Total outstanding student loan debt rose to nearly $1.5 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2018

Our College System Is Exposed — What Now?
Forbes-Apr 25, 2019
Felicity Huffman and 13 other defendants recently agreed to plead guilty to charges relating to the “Operation Varsity Blues” case, the recently uncovered college

The Real College Scandal
New York Times – Apr 25, 2019 OpEd
The sexy elite college admissions scandal involving the offspring of Hollywood celebrities and business executives sits atop a less noticed — but far more consequential — higher-education disgrace

Report: Chinese families found to have paid millions in college admissions scandal
Axios- Apr 26, 2019
Families from China are alleged to have been the most lucrative clients of William ‘Rick’ Singer’s growing college admissions scandal, in which he has admitted to taking tens of millions in parental payoffs

Columns and Blogs

All of Them Are Mine
Post – May 1, 2019
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

May 1st has come and gone – decisions made…
Tribune News Service – May 1, 2019
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 

Elite Colleges, Entitled Teens and Guilted Parents
Post – Apr 9, 2019
The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

UVa offers an alternative route to Charlottesville
Post – Apr 8, 2019
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer


School Counselors Lacking in Arizona’s Schools
Arizona Public Media – Apr 26, 2019
Funding for more counselors is an issue at the forefront of discussions about how to improve K-12 schools in Arizona. Lia Falco is a former school counselor and professor of counseling education

Calming The Storm: 4 Takeaways from Harvard’s Turning The Tide II report
ACCIS – AdmitAll blog – Apr 22, 2019
The newest report out of Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project targets families and high schools as central to increasing sanity in college admissions.

School Counselor Shortage: How it affects your children
Valley News Live – Apr 29, 2019
From career advice to tricky social situations, to traumatic events or mental health issues – school counselors are meant to develop relationships with all students.

Why we need school counselors (to focus on mental health)
WV News – Apr 30, 2019
That is why we need more school counselors, and why we need to make sure that they are freed up to help our students in full force..


How To Help Your Child Reduce Their Stress And Thrive During College
Forbes – Apr 30, 2019
As a former marriage and family therapist and a parent of two grown children (one just graduating from college this May), I’ve seen firsthand how, despite all the love and well-intended care and nurturing parents 

How to navigate the murky world of college admissions counseling
The Week – Apr 29, 2019
The recent college admissions scandals, in which rich parents were caught bribing and cheating to get their kids accepted into prestigious colleges, rocked the world of higher education

Why it’s so hard when your child leaves for college — and how to cope
Yahoo Lifestyle-Apr 25, 2019
Ask any parent what it’s like to have a child leaving for college and you’ll hear about a range of emotions, including sadness, excitement, and fear.

How Parenting Styles Affect Kids: Snowplow vs. Submarine
TeenLife Blog  – Apr 25, 2019
Labels for different parenting styles have come and gone for just about as long as there have been parents. Since the college admissions scandal made headlines last month,

Parents Aren’t Talking to Their Kids About This Important Financial Topic
Motley Fool-Apr 25, 2019
It’s no secret that healthy financial habits tend to start early in life. It’s therefore important for parents to impart key financial lessons to their kids while they’re relatively young and impressionable

How to Help Your Kids Prepare for College — Without Student Loans
Student Loan Hero (blog) – Apr 25, 2019
College grads are burdened with more student debt than ever before. Sixty-nine percent of 2018 graduates took out student loans to help cover the bill


Why teachers are managing more student needs — and struggling to pay for their own
PBS NewsHour – Apr 23, 2019
New teacher strikes and walkouts are making headlines this year, but the issues they are raising are familiar. Educators are especially concerned about pay, school resources, growing responsibilities, testing policies and the role of charter schools.


Almost All the Colleges I Wanted to Go to Rejected Me. Now What?
The New York Times – Apr30, 2019
Now, college admissions can, less appealingly, allow for the compounding of privilege. Consider admissions-easing luxuries like private test prep or the

If you have been wait-listed at your dream college, it may be time to cut bait
CNBC – Apr 29, 2019
If your child’s dream college has put her on the waitlist, be aware that she’s running out of time to commit to a school.

Admissions Process & Strategy

Nine Steps High School Students Can Take To Get A Head Start On College Admissions
Forbes – Apr 26, 2019
As competitive schools become more selective each year, it has become necessary for applicants to show both a high GPA and strong standardized test scores if they want to stand a chance of admission

May College Search Guide
Monrovia Weekly-Apr 30, 2019
In a few weeks the school year will be over!!! Freshmen are looking forward to their last month, relieved that they are almost done with 9th grade.

17 steps high school seniors should take this summer to be ready for campus in the fall
Newsday – Apr 29, 2019

Congratulations! Your child has been accepted, agonized (or maybe not!) over which school to attend, and finally decided on a college. Now what?

Transferring to your dream college? Ask these 3 questions
CNBC- Apr 30, 2019

If your high-school senior didn’t make the cut at his dream college this spring, then a … Coordinate with the financial aid office at both schools to ensure a smooth.

Career & Technical Education

Rethinking Career and Technical Education
Inside Higher Ed – May 1, 2019
Gregory Seaton explains how he came to support his daughter’s choice to participate in such a program and why college administrators and others should, too.

The 10 highest-paying jobs you can get with an associate’s degree
CNBC-Apr 26, 2019
Most employers prefer to hire candidates with an associate’s degree in engineering technology or who have completed vocational-technical education in

12 Thoughts To Keep In Mind When Deciding If College Is Right For You
Forbes- Apr 30, 2019
When thinking about their next step, many young people may wonder if the college path is really the best route for them to achieve their career goals — and for

Financial Aid/Scholarships

My son inherited a trust. Will this screw up his financial aid for college?
NJ.com- May 1, 2019
Q. My mom passed away last year and left money in an irrevocable trust for my boys, one of whom is going to a very expensive university. The timing was after filing the FAFSA,

Paying for College: Applying for Financial Aid, Grants
NBC 10 Philadelphia- May 1, 2019 (WATCH)
NBC10 Lucy Bustamante is sharing ways to help college students pay for college. FAFSA helps to disperse federal grants and loans toward college tuition.

Apps Could Help Your Child Get a College Scholarship
NBC 10 Philadelphia- Apr 29,2019 (WATCH)

Apps Could Help Your Child Get a College Scholarship … Downloading one of these apps could help in the process of finding additional money for college

What to know about financial aid and student loans before committing to a college
CBS This Morning – Apr 25, 2019

With the deadline to commit to a college next Wednesday, for many students, figuring out financial aid is a key part of the college application process. But it can get complicating to understand your financial aid package.

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Inside The Admissions Office

I Have a Brother
Georgia Tech Admission Blog  – Apr 30, 2019
I have a brother.  Like many little boys he grew up playing sports. His favorite was basketball. He practiced and worked hard and dreamed of making the school team. But it didn’t happen.

Preparing for College Part 2: Tips for Parents on Campus Life
Azusa Pacific UniversityApr 30, 2019
As each week passes, you’re getting a little closer to sending your child off to their first year of college. We know you have many questions about how your student can prepare for the transition to college life

Teen Health

Are Today’s College Students More Psychologically Fragile Than in the Past?
Inside Higher Ed (blog)-Apr 27, 2019
We frequently hear that today’s students suffer from record rates of anxiety, depression, and stress, that they are emotionally immature, and less resilient than their predecessors

Teen Suicide Spiked After Debut Of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why,’ Study Says
NPR.org – Apr 30, 2019
When Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why was released two years ago, depicting the life of a teenager who decided to take her own life, educators and psychologists warned the program could lead to copycat suicides


ACT test: It’s not just Walnut Hills High School. Perfect scores are soaring everywhere.
Cincinnati Enquirer – May 1, 2019
Walnut Hills High School announced last week that 17 of its students scored a perfect 36 on the ACT college admissions test.

 I-Team: Number Of Students Allowed Extra Testing Time Peaks Around SATs
CBS BostonApr 25, 2019
BOSTON (CBS) – Whether your kids are in college, have already graduated, or are … extra time on his tests since he was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade.


Red Flags for Applicants With Mental Health Issues
Inside Higher Ed – Apr 29, 2019
If applicants wrote about their mental health, one college gave their applications additional review — and some were rejected — even if they were academically eligible for automatic admission.

How Student Abuse of ADHD Meds Affects Peers With a Diagnosis
TheFix.comApr 30 2019
A UNC survey found that a majority of students have misused Adderall or other prescription stimulants. This is hurting their peers who have a real need for the medications.

College Visits

College road trips aid decisions on where to attend
The Daily Courier-Apr 29, 2019
The College Road Trip annually consists of visiting the UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and East Carolina University. More recently, the Foundation has