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March 3, 2022

Big Picture

Anxiety, depression rampant among children even before the pandemic
NBC News – February 24, 2022
More than one-third of high school students couldn’t shake the feelings of sadness or hopelessness, a report found. And that was before Covid-19 hit the nation. The mental health problems detailed in the new CDC report go far beyond typical teenage moodiness that comes and goes.

State of the Union: Biden Addresses Student Mental Health, Saying Their ‘Lives and Education Have Been Turned Upside-Down’
The 74 – March 1, 2022
President Joe Biden used his first State of the Union address Tuesday night to highlight the pandemic’s blow to student mental health and fixed some of the blame on social media. Earlier in the day, the White House released highlights of Biden’s plan to use federal relief funds to double the ranks of school social workers and counselors.

CDC: Masks can come off in schools unless COVID metrics are high
Chalkbeat – February 25, 2022
Specifically, the new CDC rules say if new COVID cases and hospitalizations are low or moderate, and hospitals aren’t overburdened in a community, then mask mandates aren’t necessary. About 70% of Americans live in parts of the country where those metrics are now low or moderate

Columns and Blogs

Need an Independent Counselor? Start Here
Post – March 2, 2022
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D. 

10 Commandments of the College Admissions Process
Post – March 2, 2022
College Advice & Timely Tips with Lee Bierer 


California made a historic investment in school counselors. Is it enough?
EdSource – March 1, 2022
Politics often play a role in whether a district funds counselors. Conservative-leaning boards are less likely to invest in services they view as ‘fluff,’ said one district superintendent. But when presented with data on the proven improvements in attendance, academic achievement and discipline, board members can be persuaded to change their minds

When students counsel other students
EdSource (LISTEN) – February 24, 2022
For students who are leery of adults, peer counseling can provide a safe place to work through difficult family problems, stress, and depression. What are the benefits and pitfalls of programs where students counsel students? (Podcast, transcript included)

Citing stress, students turn to vaping
The Herald Bulletin (IN) – February 28, 2022
Whereas kids of previous generations smoked cigarettes, kids today are turning to vapes and the myriad of flavors meant to appeal to a younger audience. And many say they do it because they’re stressed. It’s what school counselors at Western School Corporation hear often from students who are caught vaping at school.


High school introduces ‘calm room’ to help students deal with stress and anxiety
KGW8 Oregon – February 23, 2022
One of the school’s classrooms has been converted into a new space for students. The ‘calm room’ is a student-led effort that started before the pandemic. Meantime at another high school, a similar space opened up this year. It’s called the Wellness Lab, and it’s located in the high school’s brand new wellness center.


504 Plan vs. IEP: What’s the Gateway to College Accommodations?
ADDitude – February 28, 2022
Colleges can provide ‘504-like’ accommodations, but the burden of ensuring that any accommodations are provided shifts to your child.

Admissions Process & Strategy

Two years into COVID, is a gap year a smart move for graduating high school students
StarTribune (MN) – February 25, 2022
Should upper-level high-schoolers just push ahead and visit desired campuses, assuming that normalcy (however we define it now) is coming? Or might they consider other options, such as a gap year to work, travel or do community service? For perspective, we turned to associate vice president and dean of admission…

A College Preparation Checklist for High School Juniors
LA Progressive – March 2, 2022
As you approach your high school graduation, it’s time to start preparing yourself for the college experience. It’s an exciting time, and you’re wondering how to prepare for college. We’ve put together this college preparation checklist to show you the next steps. Read on for our top college application tips and other handy advice.

The Course to College: How the pandemic has changed college admissions
Fox 56 WOLF (PA) – February 23, 2022
The process is now much more than test scores, meaning more schools are not requiring the SAT or ACT.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Opinion: It is time to make the FAFSA part of the 1040
The Hill – February 21, 2022
Students and families thinking about college could check a box on whatever version of the 1040 they file and trigger a FAFSA worksheet that would automatically get transferred by the Treasury Department to the Education Department. There are a host of good reasons for doing this.

Ed Dept reminds colleges ISAs are private loans, subject to disclosure requirements
Higher Ed Dive – March 2, 2022
The U.S. Department of Education on Wednesday reminded colleges of their legal obligation to inform students of the costs and conditions of taking out private loans, including income-share agreements.

Career & Technical Education

College or Skilled Trade School? How some have altered traditional career paths during the pandemic
WXYZ Detroit – February 23, 2022
COVID has created a new demographic of students who are deciding not to pursue college or who are dropping out altogether to take the uncharted path.


HGSE Experts Split on Benefits of Standardized Testing
The Harvard Crimson – March 1, 2022
Despite a national move away from standardized testing amid the pandemic, experts from the Harvard Graduate School of Education are divided over the future of testing in college admissions and K-12 education.

What the Digital SAT Will Mean for Students and Educators
Education Next – February 28, 2022
‘Easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant,’ a College Board vice president says.

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Teen Health

Our Job is to Protect Kids, Not Out Them
We Are Teachers – February 25, 2022
On Tuesday, Texas announced that affirming a transgender young person’s gender identity could be considered ‘child abuse’ under Texas law. Under threat of criminal prosecution, the governor called on any licensed professionals to report families who affirm their transgender children for potential investigation.

How adults can help youth avoid violence, maintain mental health
EdSource – February 28, 2022
Young people deserve to be heard and supported, now more than ever. By listening and understanding that young folks need mental and emotional support, adults with decision-making power, like those running school districts, can take the first steps to reduce the stress of youth. Here are some suggestions for how to do this:

Transforming School Is Key to Ending the Youth Mental Health Crisis
Psychology Today – March 1, 2022
Many current interventions in response to the youth mental health crisis treat symptoms without addressing the underlying causes. To meaningfully address the youth mental health crisis, schools should give young people learning experiences that prioritize connection.