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March 24, 2022

Big Picture

6 in 10 educators experienced physical violence or verbal aggression during COVID
NPR – March 17, 2022
Educators are taking blows from all sides, and they sometimes feel like no one is hearing them. That is the key finding of a =new COVID-19-era survey from an American Psychological Association task force. Responses came from nearly 15,000 school personnel – from psychologists to bus drivers – in all 50 states.

Educators Are Demoralized. What’s the Way Forward?
EdSurge – March 15, 2022
These days talk of low morale, and demoralization spans across education—in the nation’s K-12 schools and at colleges. For those in classrooms and for school and campus leaders, the challenge is how to meet the many needs of educators during this time—social, emotional, intellectual and ethical. EdSurge brought together a panel of K-12 and college experts to talk about the issue and propose ways forward.

U.S. schools are flush with cash, but struggling to spend it on schedule
Chalkbeat – March 15, 2022
Across the country, schools are struggling to spend their COVID relief dollars as quickly as planned. Their efforts are running up against a national labor shortage and supply chain issues, which are making it difficult to do things like hire tutors or renovate dilapidated buildings.

Columns and Blogs

Post – March 23, 2022
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.

Dissecting the essay questions
Post – March 23, 2022
College Advice & Timely Tips with Lee Bierer


How Cleveland Schools Are Addressing Social Emotional Learning
Cleveland Magazine – March 18, 2022
With peer and advisory groups, counseling and parent resources, schools are working to foster senses of success, happiness and belonging.

School mental health program eases transition from hospital to classroom
Connecticut Public Radio – March 20, 2022
Psychiatric hospitalizations have increased across the U.S. for teens struggling with suicidal ideation and other mental health challenges. But after they leave the hospital, teens face what’s often a daunting prospect: going back to school.

Tax Filing: What You Should Know About Education Tax Credits
NACAC Admitted Blog – March 23, 2022
If you are a K-12 teacher, instructor, school counselor, principal, or teacher’s aide you may be eligible to deduct some qualified expenses incurred during the tax year. Because of COVID-19, you may also be eligible to deduct some pandemic-related protective equipment.


New Research Shows Pandemic Has Caused Depression, Anxiety In Teens To Skyrocket
CBS 3 Philadelphia – March 22, 2022
COVID continues to cause mental health turmoil for a growing number of people. About one-fifth of American teenagers have a diagnosed emotional disorder. New research shows the pandemic has caused that number to jump even higher.


Cyberbullying victims are more likely to suffer from depression. Here’s how to spot it and stop it.
The Sun – San Bernardino (CA) – March 23, 2022
Parenting is parenting and digital spaces are just another place that kids hang out…The same advice parents give children before heading to school or a friend’s house can protect them from cyberbullies

What teens see in closed online spaces like the Discord app
The Conversation – March 15, 2022
Whenever young people hop onto the next technology fad, there will inevitably be panic over how the adults, companies and society may or may not be keeping young people safe. What is most important in these situations is to remember that talking to young people about how they use those technologies, and…

Admissions Process & Strategy

Colleges That Don’t Require SATs: How Do They Know Who to Admit?
TeenLife Blog – March 16, 2022
Test prep advertises that the test scores are key to getting in where you want to go, but professionals closer to the student will be quick to point out that it takes a lot more than test scores to get that letter of acceptance.

The College-Admissions Process Is Completely Broken…But it doesn’t have to be.
The Atlantic – March 23, 2022
Much of the dysfunction stems from a misperception about how hard getting into college is. The overwhelming majority of colleges admit most students who apply. Colleges could alleviate the congestion and stress they created—and provide relief to both schools and students in the process, even at selective schools—by reforming the application system.

Why establishing residency for in-state college tuition is so challenging
CNBC – March 3, 2022
If picking a college comes down to the financial bottom line, then an in-state public school is often the best deal. However, moving in order to establish residency for in-state tuition is a particularly high bar.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Breaking down the types of scholarships available to students
Princeton Daily Clarion (IN) – March 22, 2022
Unlike loans, scholarships do not need to be paid back and they often focus on different aspects of a student’s background, from academic achievements to athletic talents. College Ave compiled a list of the different kinds of scholarships that are available to students beyond filling out the FAFSA.

Career & Technical Education

Skilled trade programs are booming after college enrollment dropped in the pandemic
NPR (LISTEN) – March 20, 2022
College enrollment dropped during the pandemic. But programs in the skilled trades are booming. Elissa Nadworny visits two community colleges where students learn to build houses and fix cars. (transcript provided)

What Colleges and Job-Training Programs Can Learn From Teenagers’ Hopes and Fears
EdSurge – March 22, 2022
Young people want more than good livelihoods. They want good lives. If leaders of colleges and companies, philanthropies and governments who are busy redesigning postsecondary pathways stopped and listened to teenagers, what would they learn?

Bringing College into High Schools
Education Next – March 15, 2022
Bard’s High School Early Colleges offer a model for students to earn an associate degree by the end of 12th grade

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Teen Health

Mindfulness Alleviates Post-Gun Violence Trauma and Depression
UC San Diego News – March 22, 2022
UC San Diego School of Medicine pilot study finds eight weeks of mindfulness training effective in reducing trauma, depression and stress in individuals grieving from gun violence

Utah governor cites suicide rates for transgender youth in vetoing sports ban bill: ‘I want them to live’
NBC News – March 22, 2022
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox made an emotional plea for compassion toward transgender youth Tuesday in explaining his decision to veto a bill banning transgender students from playing girls’ sports.