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March 17, 2022

Big Picture

High school grades are up, but test scores aren’t. Why?
Chalkbeat – March 16, 2022
Far more American high school students are graduating compared to a decade ago. Those students are completing more courses, particularly rigorous ones. And their grades are higher, too. But these heartening pre-pandemic trends, detailed in a new federal study, come with a significant asterisk. Those same high school students scored no better, and in some cases scored worse, than graduates a decade ago on national exams.

Should gainful employment be applied across higher ed?
Higher Ed Dive – March 10, 2022
Negotiations are scheduled for next week over the gainful employment rule, a regulation intended to make sure graduates of postsecondary career education programs can work and pay back their student debt.

Two years ago schools shut down around the world. These are the biggest impacts
NPR – March 15, 2022
At the time, I spoke with several experts in the field of research known as ‘education in emergencies.’ They gave their predictions for the long-term implications of school closures in the United States based on the research on previous school interruptions caused by war, refugee crises, natural disasters and previous epidemics. So, how have these predictions played out?

Columns and Blogs

College Without Beer Pong, and Other Issues When a College Says No
Post – March 16, 2022
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.

College Application Choices
Post – March 16, 2022
College Advice & Timely Tips with Lee Bierer

TuitionFit: How to find better college award offers in minutes
Post – March 4, 2022
The College Solution with Lynn O’Shaughnessy


2022 High School Counselor Report
Ruffalo Noel Levitz – March 14, 2022
High school counselors play a vital role in helping students prepare for attending college. Along the way, they help students cope with a wide variety of challenges: academic, financial, educational, emotional, social, and more. RNL and High School Counselor Marketing surveyed more than 1,200 high school counselors about their insights into working with campuses and the challenges students and families face with the college search process.

Test Taking Anxiety Toolkit
The JED Foundation – March 13, 2022
It’s common for high school students to struggle with test anxiety. About 20% of high school students and young adults experience high levels of test anxiety, and another 15% struggle with moderate test anxiety.

NAU school counselor program bringing more help to classrooms
Arizona’s Family – March 14, 2022
Northern Arizona University has its grad students in the classroom as they complete their degrees, and the program is growing as more people apply to join.

San Jose schools are link to student mental health service
San Jose Spotlight (CA) – March 11, 2022
School counselors are responding to crises frequently, students are presenting with more complex cases and parents are also turning to schools to connect their students, as well as themselves, to resources. School counselors also collaborate with community nonprofits to assist students and employees with grief and loss.


There’s a lot of need’: School counselors, psychologists under pressure in rural districts
KETV-7 Omaha – March 15, 2022
School counselors are on the frontline of the mental health crisis among students. But with hundreds of students on each counselor’s caseload, they, too, are in need of support.


How to Convince Your Teenager to Go to College
College Reality Check – March 10, 2022
Fret not if your adolescent doesn’t want to take going to college seriously — a change of heart is always possible. But before anything else, let’s answer this pressing question that many parents to teenagers hope they would never have to ask during the college application season…

Admissions Process & Strategy

Improve Your Social Media for College Admissions
U.S. News & World Report – March 14, 2022
Here are five questions to answer when creating a positive online presence for college acceptance.

7 Tips for Amazing Campus Visits
Travelers Today – March 10, 2022
If you’re an incoming college freshman or transferee, here are some specific pointers about how to get the most out of your college visits

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Wondering what to do with that college financial aid offer? Appeal for more money
CNBC – March 10, 2022
Don’t settle for the financial aid package you’re given because there’s a way to get more out of it.

Get Federal Student Aid News and Resources at StudentAid.gov
US Department of Eduction – March 11, 2022
A wide range of articles and resources on topics such as the proper way to fill out the FAFSA, how to protect yourself from student loan scams ways to pay for college or career schools, and much more.

Career & Technical Education

A Blueprint For High School Students To Pursue Research And Get Published
Forbes – March 14, 2022
Regardless of their future career interests, high school students who are curious and enjoy discovering answers to questions should consider research.

Rooted in Learning: Career-technical education is blooming at Fall Mountain Regional High School
Eagle Times (NH) – March 15, 2022
Over the past five years, the district has grown from a single vocational program in agriculture and animal science to six programs, including Junior ROTC, horticulture, natural resources, agriculture, and digital design. The sixth, Business in Healthcare, will begin in the fall of 2022 and will enable students to earn community college credits and a certificate in medical administrative assistance.

Schools, manufacturers in this Michigan county are building the next generation of skilled trades workers
M-Live (MI) – March 13, 2022
There have been widespread efforts to create partnerships and connections between Jackson-area schools and local manufacturers as area businesses look to shore up an aging workforce.

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Wellness While Testing Webinar

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Wellness While Testing Webinar (March 12): Help Your Students Beat Test Day Anxiety
The Jed Foundation (JED) and The College Board explore ways in which testing contributes to student anxiety, and how counselors can help students approach testing in a healthy way that also allows them to perform their best.

Inside The Admissions Office

A College Planning Timeline from Freshman Year to Graduation
Bucknell University – March 8, 2022
Applying to college may seem like one big step toward your future, but you’ll be more successful — and less stressed — if you instead see that journey as dozens of smaller steps.

How to Stay Admitted
Tulane University – March 15, 2022
Unfortunately, a handful of students each year…have their acceptance rescinded for various reasons. Do NOT be in that number. Here are some common missteps to avoid (and some general life advice).

Teen Health

Ending teen sleep struggles — is it possible?
KAKE (KS) – March 15, 2022
I wanted to learn the secrets to getting teens the sleep they so desperately need, so I turned to Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright, authors of the forthcoming book Generation Sleepless: Why Tweens and Teens Aren’t Sleeping Enough and How We Can Help Them.

What Is ‘Bigorexia’?
The New York Times – March 5, 2022
A social media diet of perfect bodies is spurring some teenage boys to form muscle dysmorphia.


College Board Warns Against Censoring Its AP Courses
Education Week – March 14, 2022
On March 2, the organization sent AP teachers a reminder of program principles they must adhere to. If instruction is censored, the College Board says, students could end up losing AP credit. as a growing number of states enact bans or restrictions on teaching about ‘divisive’ or ‘controversial’ topics in K-12 schools, questions are rising over how AP coursework will be impacted…

Why U.S. Colleges Are Rethinking Standardized Tests
The Washington Post – March 14, 2022
The pandemic forced a pause on colleges requiring standardized testing, long the gold standard for admissions in the U.S. As Covid-19 restrictions ease, widespread mandatory reliance on the ACT and SAT entrance exams isn’t springing back as quickly.

Student Voices

What people get wrong about first-generation college students
Mountain View Voice (CA) – March 13, 2022
For the CalMatters College Journalism Network, I set out to talk to other first-generation students on California campuses about what it was like adapting to academia — and what they wish other people understood about the first-gen experience.