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March 11, 2021

Big Picture

Congress approves massive infusion of funds for schools, and high-poverty districts will get the most
Chalkbeat – March 10, 2021
The result is a dramatic reversal in fortune for school budgets. When the pandemic shuttered schools and businesses last spring, experts warned that the ensuing economic dip threatened to hit the country’s disadvantaged schools hardest. Now, some of those districts may find themselves flush with cash.

If You Could Reform Admissions…
Inside Higher Ed – March 8, 2021
And wipe the slate of all the bad practices, particularly those that favor wealthy students, what would you change? Recommendation letters? Campus tours? The funding system? Later deadlines? These and other ideas were recommended by experts.

This Is Not a Good Time to Fall Off the College Track. Students Are Doing It Anyway
Education Week – March 8, 2021
Fewer than 2 in 5 students scheduled to graduate high school this spring have so far applied for college financial aid—a more than 9 percent drop from this time last year—increasing concerns that students will be unable to continue on to higher education amid a massive economic recession.

Columns and Blogs

Admissions Decisions: What’s Different With Yes (and No) This Year
Post – March 10, 2021
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D.

Honors College – Each state’s best kept secret
Tribune News Service – March 10, 2021
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 


Despite COVID-19 pandemic, school counselors seeing increase in college applications
WPTV West Palm Beach (FL) – March 8, 2021
Students taking advantage of virtual college fairs, colleges waiving SAT and ACT scores

How to Give Students More Agency in Selecting Their Counselors
KQED CA – March 8, 2021
To make an informed decision about who will support them through high school, students need to know themselves well and assess what they might need in a counselor. At U-32, they begin this process with Next Step, a quarter-long course in eighth grade co-taught by middle and high school counselors.

ND leads in school counselors
Wahpeton Daily News (ND) – March 9, 2021
A look at how school leaders and counselors are managing not just their own mental health, but that of their students, during the coronavirus pandemic.


As Many Parents Fret Over Remote Learning, Some Find Their Kids Are Thriving
NPR (LISTEN) – March 8, 2021
Many parents worry about their children falling behind while learning virtually during the coronavirus pandemic. But some are realizing that their children do better in online school. By most accounts, it’s the case for students who focus better when they are not around classmates.

Admissions Process & Strategy

2021 College Hopes & Worries Survey Report
The Princeton Review – March 9, 2021
We surveyed 14,093 college applicants and parents about their dream schools and their biggest college admission and financial aid challenges.

Expect College Wait Lists to Be Obnoxiously Long This Year
Wall Street Journal – March 10, 2021
Wait lists have been bloated for years, used by colleges as a cushion along with binding early-decision programs, to ensure a complete class without sacrificing selectivity. But this year schools are expecting to turn to them as early as next month and

How to sabotage your chance of getting into college
The Washington Post – February 7, 2021
It’s not a new warning to young people — but with social media use up during the coronavirus pandemic, it may be more important than ever: Be careful what you post. This piece, with advice from college admissions directors, explains why — and it is written directly to students who are applying to college, or some day will.

Late deciders still have time to get into college
Roanoke Times (VA) – March 7, 2021
With spring nearly here, options are limited for seniors who might just now be deciding that they want to go to college. Limited, but not non-existent. If…

Financial Aid/Scholarships

How Multiple Kids in College Affects Financial Aid
U.S. News & World Report – March 10, 2021
Students with siblings in college should prepare to possibly receive less financial aid in future years, experts say.

Thousands of college scholarships go unclaimed each year; Here’s how you can take advantage of them
WTKR (VA) – March 10, 2021
‘I’ve seen students who have been awarded multiple small scholarships, but end up covering their whole first year of college,’ said counselor…


Scam tricks parents into buying bogus SAT test prep materials, BBB warn
Miami Herald – March 9, 2021
The ruse usually begins with an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be from the College Board, or another educational organization, the BBB says. The scammer claims they’re calling to confirm your address so that…

Not Submitting Scores
Inside Higher Ed – March 8, 2021
Through Feb. 15, only 44 percent of people using the Common Application submitted SAT or ACT scores. Last year’s total was 77 percent.

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Inside The Admissions Office

Admissions Causation and Correlation
University of Georgia Undergraduate Admissions – March 5, 2021
When I read admissions files, it is always interesting to see an applicant try something unusual, but it does not then cause that the student’s chances of admission go up. I recently tweeted about the growth in beekeeping in schools, but that does not mean…

Needed – New College Admissions Map
Georgia Tech Admission Blog – March 8, 2021
If you are a junior in high school, your job this spring is to work diligently to see a bigger, more accurate landscape of higher education, broaden your understanding of the amazing choices and options you have, and commit to navigating a unique path through your college admission experience.

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The impact of COVID-19 on high school counselors and the college search process: A national survey.
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