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March 10, 2022

Big Picture

Over 1 million HS grads skipped college in 2020. Only a tiny fraction re-enrolled in 2021
LA School Report (CA) – March 3, 2022
Those are worrisome statistics for experts who say the further that high school graduates delay post-secondary education, the more difficult their transition back to school becomes.

The Upside of the Downward Trend in College Enrollment
Education Next – March 1, 2022
We should see these enrollment trends as encouraging, for three reasons. First, there’s a good chance that the young men and women making the decision not to go to college right now are doing what’s in their own best interest, rather than making a mistake they will come to regret. Second, these trends may indicate that America’s education culture is changing in positive ways—most notably, that the ‘college-for-all’ fever is breaking. And third, if these trends continue, they will force the higher education establishment, and especially community colleges, to make long overdue changes that will benefit students and taxpayers alike.

New Federal Data Shows Pandemic’s Effects on Teaching Profession
U.S. News & World Report – March 2, 2022
Among schools that reported having at least one teaching vacancy, more than half were due to resignations, according to new federal data that provide a sobering new understanding of the pandemic’s impact on the teaching profession.

Columns and Blogs

Three Phrases to Keep in Mind as Decisions Come Out
Post – March 9, 2022
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.

10 Commandments of the College Admissions Process—Part 2
Post – March 9, 2022
College Advice & Timely Tips with Lee Bierer

TuitionFit: How to find better college award offers in minutes
Post – March 4, 2022
The College Solution with Lynn O’Shaughnessy


Could That Be Me?
Inside Higher Ed – March 7, 2022
I had that thought last week upon reading Michele L. Norris’s opinion piece in The Washington Post entitled ‘The maddeningly limited vision of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s guidance counselor.’ The column talks about the Supreme Court nominee’s belief that her high school counselor urged her to ‘lower her sights’ when she wanted to attend Harvard University.

Counselors for Computing broadens student exposure to STEM
K-12 Dive – March 2, 2022
An initiative of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), C4C trains school counselors in understanding the computing field and providing students exposure and experiences with computing activities.

Using Medicaid to fund more mental health supports for schools
EdNC – March 8, 2022
A popular solution, in some districts, is temporary funding through grants. But there’s a catch to this approach; what happens with the student when those funds leave? Read how Edgecombe County’s HOPE Medicaid cost-recovery model works to solve that problem.


How Philadelphia School Counselors Balancing COVID-19 Pandemic, Gun Violence Epidemic In City

CBS3 Philadelphia – March 8, 2022
School counselors are serving more and more of an integral role in the lives of students, balancing the gravity of a pandemic and a gun violence epidemic. CBS3 spoke with a counselor and school principal using unconventional methods to reach students.


How To Get Your Teen To Trust You
Moms.com – March 5, 2022
Parents really want their teens to come to them for advice when life gets tough and when life gives them opportunities. Maybe we need to look at why teenagers often do not trust their parents, and that may give us clues as to how we can be proactive in making sure that we have their trust.

When teens blow off parents’ pleas to get vaccinated, the consequences can be deadly
News Medical – March 4, 2022
Many adolescents and 20-somethings also don’t believe covid can hurt them. But young people who remain unvaccinated court danger. Data from December shows that unvaccinated kids ages 12 to 17 were six times as likely to be hospitalized with covid as their vaccinated peers.

Admissions Process & Strategy

Add Your Voice to Your College Application Essays
The Good Men Project – March 9, 2022
Voice means that the reader can picture the real live person who wrote the essay, a person with a distinct personality which comes through loud and clear.

Is college really worth it? Here’s why it’s so hard to figure out the return on investment
CNBC – February 15, 2022
Coming out of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for students and families to find colleges that offer the best value. However, determining the return on your investment is somewhat subjective, one expert says.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

ECMC Debunks Myths About College Financial Aid Offers as Students Begin Receiving Letters
Cision PR Newswire – March 4, 2022
Students who filed their FAFSA and other state-specific financial aid forms are beginning to receive offer letters, which outline financial aid packages from prospective colleges. Given the complexity of the information and the fact that colleges report the offerings in a variety of ways, this article dispells myths for students and families who may need assistance.

Five Smart Tips on How to Pay for College
Yahoo! Finance – March 9, 2022
College remains a great investment in the future, so it’s important for families to make wise decisions when selecting a school and then creating a strategy to pay for it. But that process can be complicated. Here are five smart tips to help students and parents make their college decision and determine a plan to pay the upcoming college bill.

Are there any FAFSA income limits?
Fox Business – March 8, 2022
Submitting the FAFSA helps schools determine whether you qualify for federal financial aid. The good news is there are no FAFSA income limits. As long as you’re considered an eligible student, you can complete the FAFSA — regardless of your income level.

Career & Technical Education

To Close The Skills Gap, We All Need To Empower Vocational Educators
Forbes – March 2, 2022
Most people are surprised to learn that there are more unfilled manufacturing jobs than the more often-discussed labor gap among software developers. There’s a massive shortage of qualified tradespeople. From truck drivers to phlebotomists, the U.S. faces a massive skills gap in the blue-collar jobs that make our economy function.

Four-year degrees aren’t for everyone
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) – March 5, 2022
Conventional wisdom, shaped by cultural and class biases, asserts that attending a four-year college leading to a bachelor’s degree offers the best career path for everyone who can. That myth has persisted despite the fact that most new, good-paying jobs require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. Here’s another eye-opener that counters conventional wisdom…

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Inside The Admissions Office

College Terms 101: Phrases You’ll Hear during the College Admission Process
Azusa Pacific University – March 8, 2022
The college admission process can be confusing at times, especially if you’re the first in your family to pursue higher education. One reason is the sheer number of terms and acronyms you need to know. The application process might include some language that’s new to you, so to make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of college terms and definitions.

28 Helpful Financial Aid Definitions
University of Illinois Admissions – March 9, 2022
Discussing and understanding financial aid can be difficult, thanks to the often confusing technical language that’s used. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Tell Yourself a Different (College Admission) Story
Georgia Tech Admission Blog – March 8, 2022
Last week I received an email entitled ‘Admission Fears.’ The title struck me immediately, but what saddened me was it was sent from an 8th grader. Her note left me asking a host of questions about how we got here as a society…

Teen Health

Does Social Media Cause Depression?
PsychCentral – March 6, 2022
With terms like ‘doomscrolling’ recently entering our cultural vernacular, for many, spending too much time online can put them in a negative headspace. But can the endless scrolling actually make you depressed, and if it does, are the effects temporary or long-term? Does social media lead to situational depression or even develop into major depression?

Texas continues to remove LGBTQ suicide prevention resources from state websites
NBC News – March 2, 2022
Advocates say the move is dangerous for queer youths in the state, especially in light of Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive on gender-affirming care for transgender minors.

Increased Use Of Social Media Among Teens During COVID Pandemic May Up Risk Of Tic Disorders
The Health Site – March 2, 2022
COVID-19 pandemic shifted the focus of the entire world to social media. But according to new findings, it could increase the risk of tic syndrome in people suffering from the disease.