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March 9, 2023

Big Picture

How much does it cost to produce a community college graduate?
The Hechinger Report – March 6, 2023
Community colleges say they can’t help the neediest students get through college successfully without more funding. But these institutions, which educate 10 million students a year or 44 percent of all undergraduates, have a terrible track record; fewer than half their students end up earning degrees. The problem is that no one really knows how much it costs to educate a community college student, or exactly how much more should be spent on the neediest ones…

It’s time for college leaders who fueled student loan crisis to pay up, Ed Department says
USA Today – March 2, 2023
Leaders of private, largely for-profit colleges that don’t operate responsibly will be personally liable for their contributions to the student loan debt and default crisis, the Education Department said Thursday. For-profit colleges have faced scrutiny for decades, including over their predatory practices and targeting of veterans, abuse of public funding and high percentages of students who leave unable to pay off their debt.

Opinion: If the Supreme Court ends affirmative action in college admissions, diversity could be expanded
Boston Globe – March 7, 2023
In a post-affirmative action world, looking at equity and equality through another lens — class — could level the playing field for low-income students of all backgrounds. The United States, among peers, has among the lowest income mobility. If equity, as well as equality, is a goal, then leveling the playing field for low-income students of all backgrounds could yield some surprising outcomes.

Columns and Blogs

Colleges—About Those Rejection Letters
Post – March 8, 2023
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.

Lessons learned about campus visits
Post – March 8, 2023
College Advice & Timely Tips with Lee Bierer


3 ways schools can better counsel kids
Atlanta Journal-Constitution – March 6, 2023
The pandemic slowed student learning and schools and families are eager to see academic improvement as quickly as possible. Access to trained school counselors can help students succeed in their classes, but there are too few counselors supporting too many kids with too varied challenges. Districts are often told the fix lies in simply hiring more counselors, but getting to a real solution requires a more nuanced understanding of the problem. The work my colleagues and I have done with more than 100 school districts and state agencies has led to a three-pronged approach to supporting students’ mental health.

Bill to Reduce the Role of School Resource Officers in Public Schools Gains Support, Sparks Concern
CT Examiner – March 3, 2023
A bill aiming to replace the duties of school resources officers, many who are armed police, with staff trained in behavioral health was met with enthusiastic support at a public hearing on Wednesday, even as school counselors and social workers questioned whether taking on a more disciplinary role would undermine their trust with students. Advocates who spoke in favor of the bill said they wanted to eliminate a “school-to-prison pipeline” that they say harms Black and Brown students in particular, and shift the funding for school resource officers to mental health workers. But counselors offering testimony at the hearing said the bill lacked clarity regarding what “duties” they would be asked to take on.


Nebraska mental health app creators spread word after ‘alarming’ data on teenage suicide
March 6, 2023 – KMTV-3 News Omaha (NE)
The people behind a Nebraska-focused mental health app are spreading the word about the tool after the CDC released ‘alarming’ data on how many teenagers are contemplating suicide. The survey showed that 22% of high school students ‘students seriously considered attempting suicide during the past year.


How to Help Teenagers Stay Motivated at School
TIME Magazine – March 8, 2023
How can adults help adolescents manage the mismatch between their normal drive for autonomy, identity, and independence, and what school asks of them? As a clinical psychologist who has long specialized in caring for adolescents, I’ve come to believe we’re most useful when we bear in mind that sending our teens to school is like sending them to a buffet where they are required to try everything being served.

Admissions Process & Strategy

6 ways to writing an empowering personal growth essay
Study International – March 8, 2023
Did you know that personal growth essays are a common and popular prompt during college applications? Like other essay prompts such as “learning from obstacles”, college admission essays are meant to help the college gain better insight into your character and personality. Knowing how to craft an impactful essay can make a world of a difference.

Ivy League isn’t everything. Here’s what we get wrong about getting a good education.
USA Today – March 6, 2023
Instead of focusing on how ‘selective’ a school is or how many applicants it rejects, students and their families would be better served by focusing on myriad other factors. As high school students and their parents visit college campuses this spring, they should keep in mind that one of the strengths of the U.S. higher education system is just how broad and deep it is, offering thousands of schools where young minds can gain a good education.

Students switch up college plans as states pass anti-LGBTQ laws
NBC News – March 4, 2023
Students, parents and college counselors say some LGBTQ youth are choosing not to attend colleges in states that have passed legislation targeting their rights.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

From dual enrollment to course sharing, these 4 moves can help you save big on college costs
CNBC – March 8, 2023
These days, students have to be resourceful when it comes to cutting college costs. Here are some of the best — and often underrated — money-saving options for high schoolers.

NerdWallet’s 2023-24 FAFSA Guide: How to Get Free Money for College
NerdWallet – March 1, 2023
Apply for scholarships and grants, which don’t need to be repaid, as well as student loans, by submitting the FAFSA.

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Inside The Admissions Office

6 Myths About College
Regent University – March 7, 2023
Going to college is a big decision! With all the information about colleges out there, it can be hard to discern what’s true. However, it’s best to think ahead before deciding which college is right for you. Read on to learn myths about college.

How to stay organized during your college search
University of Cincinnati – March 5, 2023
Finding the right college for you is a big decision, and can be a time-consuming journey. Whether you’re a high school freshman getting a head start or a rising senior trying to narrow down your list, the key to navigating this journey is to stay organized. Here are four tips from past applicants to help you organize your college search.

Teen Health

Summer Programs: What Teens with Mental Health Challenges Should Know
TeenLife Blog – March 5, 2023
Anxiety and other mental health challenges seem to be increasingly common in teens these days. Fortunately, summer programs have the potential to make a real difference.

Amid youth mental health crisis, teens ask for a kinder college admissions process
Los Angeles Times – March 7, 2023
By most measures, 18-year-old Gregory Woodson is a success. He works 20 hours a week as a martial arts instructor in Carson, keeps up his grades and has strong, open-minded friendships. Yet as he plans for college, one word often lurks in his mind: failure.