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January 23, 2020

Big Picture

House votes to make it easier for scammed borrowers to cancel student loans
MarketWatch – January 18, 2020
Borrowers who racked up debt at closed schools also got a break from the IRS

Study: Community college access linked to higher earnings, health benefits
Education Dive – January 21, 2020
Having more community colleges per capita increases the chances that students will complete high school and graduate from college. It is also linked with higher earnings…

Universities that boost the poorest students to wealth are becoming harder to afford
The Hechinger Report – January 17, 2020
Stony Brook University has lifted many students from poverty to the highest income brackets, but access to the school is shrinking as tuition rises

Will Higher Education Roar in the ’20s?
Inside Higher Ed – January 16, 2020
John Katzman describes the changes that colleges and universities will — or should — make in the next decade.

Columns and Blogs

The Dangers of College by Checklist
Post – January 22, 2020
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

The 10 Commandments of the college admissions process
Tribune News Service – January 22, 2020
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 

Community service pays big dividends
Post – January 8, 2020
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer


National School Counseling Week
ASCA – January 20, 2020
NSCW 2020, ‘School Counselors: Helping Build Better Humans,’ will be celebrated from Feb. 3-7, 2020, to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems.

My high school sent a counselor to visit me in college. I repaid the favor by running a marathon.
Chalkbeat – January 16, 2020
As a woman who migrated from the Dominican Republic a year before I was born, my mother was excited to hear I was being exposed to something—confidence that a college education was in reach—that she’d wished for.


How to start saving for college right now on your phone
Yahoo! Finance – January 16, 2020
Higher education firm CollegeBacker, which helps students and families save for school, has developed a new mobile app that lets parents set up 529 college savings accounts.

10 Podcasts for the College Bound
Parenting for College – January 17, 2020
With all the college information available to parents today, there’s no excuse for being uninformed about the ins and outs of the college process. Podcasts are a great way to stay informed. Here’s a list of my favorites:

‘Why Didn’t You Believe in Me?’ The Family Reckoning After the College Admissions Scandal
The Wall Street Journal – January 17, 2020
In their first interviews, parents and a student in the cheating scheme grapple with the fallout

Admissions Process & Strategy

Prepping for the College Interview
College Scoop – January 19, 2020
It is important to take advantage of all opportunities to tell your story throughout the admissions journey. If a college offers an on-campus interview or alumni interview opportunity, definitely take advantage of it.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Admission into Community College with Poor Grades?
The American Reporter – January 17, 2020
Grades indicate your academic ability but they are not everything. Even with poor grades you can get admission to the college.

Top Colleges With Rolling Admission
Best Colleges – January 20, 2020
Schools with rolling admission deadlines offer prospective students the flexibility to submit applications within a wide timeframe. Colleges then review applications as they are submitted and typically render decisions within 4-6 weeks

Considering College – Last Words
Pampa News (TX) – January 18, 2020
The president of West Texas A&M shares some insights into important factors in choosing a college

Financial Aid/Scholarships

3 Ways The Government Is Making It Easier to Pay for College
Money – 1/17
Congress recently approved a handful of measures aimed to make the process of paying for college easier.

Debunking Credit Scores and Financial Aid Myths
NextStudent – January 17, 2020
A commonly asked question is if a credit score affects your ability to receive federal student loans. And similarly, does receiving financial aid have an impact on your eventual credit score?

New FAFSA should be shorter and easier to fill out. Here’s what you need to know.
Tennessean – January 20, 2020
A long-sought federal fix approved in December could streamline the complicated process

Why College Doesn’t Have To Cost Too Much
Forbes – January 18, 2020
I’m always talking to parents who are silently freaking out over the cost of college…

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Teen Health

Study: Concussions in high school student-athletes may be risk factor for suicide, depression
WSOC Charlotte (NC) – January 15, 2020
Concussions among high school students-athletes could lead to an increased risk of suicide, according to a new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy in College
Youth Health – January 17, 2020
College is just around the corner, and all you can think about is all the fun you’re going to have – amidst your papers and study, of course. However…

UC Berkeley Class Teaches College Students How To “Adult”
Berkeley High Jacket – January 20, 2020
High school struggles are often exacerbated with the added responsibilities of “adulting” that come after graduating…


Why Do Some Colleges Superscore The ACT/SAT While Others Don’t?
College Raptor – January 20, 2020
Submitting your ACT or SAT scores to colleges isn’t as simple as mailing the scores of your latest test. Before you start thinking, ‘Oh no, not one more thing to worry about’, this one may actually be good news.

What AP Students Should Know About AP Seminar Performance Tasks
U.S. News & World Report – January 20, 2020
Group and individual work have different requirements and impact on grades for students in the AP Capstone Diploma Program.

Just For Fun

The Lighter Side Of College Admission Predictions
Forbes – January 16, 2020
We also need levity as we consider the years ahead. As such, I offer a lighter take on college admission and what might be coming.