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January 16, 2020

Big Picture

New Evidence Documents That A College Degree Pays Off—By A Lot
Forbes – January 15, 2020
The College Board has published its latest report about the economic benefits of higher education, documenting differences in earnings and employment status for U.S. adults with different levels of education. It also demonstrates the link between education and a variety of personal and social indicators…

Liberal Arts Pay Off in the Long Run
Inside Higher Ed – January 14, 2020
A liberal arts education may not have the highest returns in the short run, but a study finds that after 40 years, liberal arts institutions bring a higher return than most colleges.

Why the Convenience University Will Rule Higher Ed
EdSurge – January 13, 2020
Higher education has not yet figured it out…Service and support at universities are not up to the level of personalization we’ve grown accustomed to at the drugstore’

Columns and Blogs

Your Alumni Dad Can’t Help You Get into Johns Hopkins Anymore—A Look at Change in College Admissions
Post – January 15, 2020
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Admissions officials prefer to see tough classes
Tribune News Service – January 15, 2020
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer 

Community service pays big dividends
Post – January 8, 2020
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer


Building Relationships, Exploring Opportunities, Preparing For Success: The Job Of Today’s School Counselor
Forbes – January 10, 2020
My work as a college counselor is more than communicating with colleges and major stakeholders—it’s about building authentic and intentional relationships with students and families. It’s about…

Postcards from Kal: Supporting a Military Veteran in his College Process
ACCIS AdmitAll Blog – January 13, 2020
A year prior, my father, who is a retired admissions director and college counselor, and I had signed on as Service2School Ambassadors, volunteer counselors for active military who were transitioning out of the service and hoping to enroll in college.

Reach Higher and Collegewise Announce First Annual Excellence in College Counseling Award Recipient
Benzinga – January 10, 2020
By putting students on a path towards a higher education, school counselors are unlocking opportunities around the country. That is why we are so honored…’


2 valuable college planning changes in the SECURE Act
College Inside Track – January 12, 2020
The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement (SECURE) Act signed into law at the end of 2019 includes two significant college planning changes that families need to know about.

From helicopters to bulldozers, wealthy parents clear their children’s path
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – January 9, 2020
Many of the high net worth clients that Pittsburgh wealth manager Matt Helfrich has worked with over the years can trace their strong work ethics back to summer jobs and after school work they did in high school and college. Yet the opposite may be true for their own children.


Building a Future: How to Fund Tuition and Retirement
NBC News – January 9, 2020
NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle shares advice on how parents can avoid dipping into retirement savings to help pay for kids’ college.

Admissions Process & Strategy

Deadlines important in transition to college
News-Press NOW (MO) – January 11, 2020
Megan McCamy, a college and career counselor at Central High School, is well aware of the complex nature of transitioning from high school to college.

What Happens if You Back Out of Early Decision?
College Raptor – January 2, 2020
If you applied for early decision and are having second thoughts or something major is going on in your life, you may be worried about backing out of the contract. Here’s what may happen…

Juniors: College Applications are Closer Than You Think
Atlanta Jewish Times – January 8, 2020
It has been reported that Generation Z has a bad habit. It is called procrastination. Is that you? Then you are in for a tough year.

Avoid These Big College Application Mistakes
Yahoo! News – January 10, 2020
What are some mistakes that drive college admissions staffers crazy — and sometimes send an application to the rejection pile? U.S. News asked pros from around the country to weigh in on what they’d prefer applicants not do.

Report: Admission Officers Increase Social Media Checks
College Confidential – January 14, 2020
Of admissions officers who have checked out an applicant’s social media footprint, about 19% say they do it ‘often,’ significantly higher than the 11 percent who said they checked ‘often’ in Kaplan’s 2015 survey

Financial Aid/Scholarships

5 Ways to Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out
U.S. News & World Report – January 13, 2020
Writing a scholarship essay isn’t like writing an essay for a high school class, experts warn.

College Connection: Schools that meet full need—no loans required
My Central Jersey – January 10, 2020
What does full need mean? It’s the difference between a family’s ability to pay and a college’s price of attendance. But colleges can meet full need in a variety of ways.

Here’s how some colleges ‘displace’ your private scholarship so it doesn’t benefit you
York Daily Record (PA) – January 9, 2020
When a college chooses to reduce a student’s financial aid by the amount of the student’s private scholarship, that’s called scholarship displacement. The result…

How To Pay Less At Stanford Than Ferris State And Other Insights From A College Consultant
The Ticker – January 10, 2020
It’s typically the biggest lifetime expense (investment) for a family, but one that few plan appropriately for…

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Inside The Admissions Office

How to Stay Admitted
Tulane University Admission Blog
January 13, 2020

Let me start off by saying that colleges are never looking for reasons to rescind your admission…As such, today’s blog is going to offer you the six most common reasons why colleges have to pull the plug on your admission, and how to avoid having that happen to you.


Marching band sets the right tempo for many special-needs kids
The Hechinger Report – January 13, 2020
Marching band can be beneficial for students with autism as it helps them overcome challenges with sensory disorders, synchronicity and brain connectivity and allows them to participate in a schoolwide program, writes a former teacher…

Going Online With a Learning Disability
Inside Higher Ed – January 15, 2020
Landmark College, the first institution for students with learning disabilities, is growing online courses. Here’s how they’re different.


ACT chief warns UC that killing the admissions test would harm students
San Francisco Chronicle – January 9, 2020
Ending the standardized test requirement for admissions at the University of California would deprive students of an objective measure of their skills, among other negative consequences, the head of the ACT test warned

Midlands Voices: ‘Superscoring’ isn’t best approach for college admissions
Omaha World-Herald – January 11, 2020
The writer is vice president for enrollment management for Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln.

College Visits

57 Essential Questions to Ask On a College Visit
The Scholarship System – January 10, 2020
College visit questions need to allow your student to discover the information they can’t find elsewhere. At times, this means broaching topics that aren’t discussed on the school’s website, in the college’s brochures, or student reviews. In others, it’s all about diving deeper into a subject that’s only touched on online or in college materials.

Summer Melt

Summer Programs for High School Students: TeenLife’s Top 100 Most Popular Summer Programs for 2020
Teen Life – January 1, 2020
We broke those programs out into categories and arranged them alphabetically to create the list you find on this page

Pricey summer pre-college programs won’t get your kid into a better school
CBS News – January 13, 2020
It’s high season for high schoolers to enroll in summer programs at elite colleges and universities. The summertime campus stays may sound prestigious, but in most cases they don’t carry the weight that their university brand names might suggest