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December 20, 2018

Big Picture

Please Stop Asking Whether College Is Worth It
Forbes – Dec 16, 2018

Colleges and universities are still the best, most direct path to a good career that pays well. It’s possible to believe otherwise, of course, because so many seemingly credible people and sources keep implying…

OPINION: Are colleges failing first-generation students?
Hechinger Report – Dec 18, 2018
First-generation college students are less likely than their peers whose parents graduated from college to have a mentor who is a college professor.

Does More Federal Aid Raise Tuition Costs? Not For Most Students, Research Says
NPR.org – Dec13, 2018
“I’m here to raise a warning flag with American students and American taxpayers,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said at a conference about federal student aid in Atlanta in November. 

The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century
The Atlantic – Dec 13, 2018
Wisconsin built a public higher-education system that was admired around the world. But it may not withstand a tech-hungry economy.

Connections: The college admissions process – do “legacy” students get the advantage?
WXXI.org – Dec 17, 2018 (LISTEN)
Writing for The Atlantic, Caitlin Flanagan asks, “How can a process meant to democratize an institution still valorize the children of wealth and privilege?” 

Columns and Blogs

Five Trends to Watch in the Year to Come
Post – Dec 18, 2018
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D 

PSAT Scores – Part II
Tribune News Service – Dec 18, 2018
College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Summer internships for high school students
College Explorations Blog – Dec 13, 2018
The Explorations Blog with Nancy Griesemer 


Virginia Politics Episode 31: The challenges of being a school counselor
The Daily Press – Dec 15, 2018 (LISTEN)
School counselors in Virginia have been getting some attention lately. Gov. Ralph Northam announced Thursday he’d like to spend $36 million to hire more counselors… 

Ethical College Admissions: Comfort and Joy
Inside Higher Ed – Dec 17, 2018
Admissions work doesn’t end just before the holiday break, writes Jim Jump. Early-decision and ethics issues still surface.

Students on suicide prevention: We need more counselors
The Caller – Dec 17, 2018
Kids in Texas are hurting, said Cecilia “Cissy” Reynolds-Perez, assistant superintendent of West Oso ISD. As of 2016, suicide is the second leading cause of death in Texas

Where are the counselors?
Albuquerque Journal – Dec 16, 2018
Tonna Burgos, Rio Rancho Public Schools executive director for student services, recently suggested to the school board the need for more counselors in schools.


What Your High School Senior Really Wants for the Holidays
TeenLife Blog – Dec 15, 2018
Our children never outgrow wanting “stuff” for the holidays. Look at your teen’s gift list and you will see the usual items that sound like a foreign language, possibly with footnotes

Do we send kids to college for education or maturation?
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) – Dec 17, 2018
I was talking with a Georgia college professor about recent suicides on his campus. He made an interesting observation: Parents once sent their children off to college for an education.

American parents are spending billions on their adult children
CBS News – Dec 15, 2018
From Ashton Kutcher to Bill Gates, there’s a growing list of notable figures who say they will not be leaving an inheritance for their children. For the average American,

Back Off: It Doesn’t Matter What College Your Kids Attend
Psychology Today (blog)- Dec 18, 2018
It’s no secret that young people today are stressed. A poll by the American Psychological Association revealed that high school kids are the most stressed out people in America 


Do the recommendations from the school safety commission go far enough?
PBS Newshour – Dec 18, 2018
Citing a “holistic” approach to school safety, a federal commission led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has released proposals on student mental health, cyber bullying and discipline

Admissions Process & Strategy

‘They’re Not Fact-Checking’: How Lies on College Applications Can Slip Through the Net
New York Times – Dec 16, 2018
Sally Goebel was working in admissions at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania when an applicant submitted a moving essay about his mother’s death. He was admitted.

Making the grade still matters — at least in college admissions
Washington Post – Dec 15, 2018
Adam Grant, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and a best-selling author, recently reminded all of us who didn’t leave college with perfect grades not to worry

5 Tips for Conquering the College Audition Waiting Room
Backstage – Dec 11, 2018
For many students applying to BFA musical theater and acting programs, college auditions will be their first major audition outside a high school or community theater environment. 

Career & Technical Education

Can we all agree on need for more career-tech education?
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)-Dec 16, 2018
Many Georgians may still be reeling from November’s divisive gubernatorial election. But while the natural instinct can be to retreat to partisan bunkers, 

Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship Could be the Perfect Fit
CBN News-Dec 14, 2018
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A huge part of the American workforce is missing, and companies and schools are trying to fill that gap. Their mission is to train workers in the skilled trades

Financial Aid/Scholarships

The Growth of Unmet Need
Inside Higher Ed – Dec 17, 2018
The rhetoric of college admissions is all about possibility. Prospective students are encouraged to enroll and told of the availability of aid — federal, state and institutional — to help.

A College Education Isn’t Priceless
NerdWallet (blog) – Dec 13, 2018
College-bound high school seniors of America: You are about to embark on one of the most formative periods of your life, full of new friendships, personal growth and overcaffeinated conversations on the nature of humanity.

How the value of your home affects how much you pay for college
MarketWatch – Dec 19, 2018
It’s rare for colleges to offer a peek into the complex formula they use to determine how much they’re going to ask families to pay.

5 People to Ask for Free Advice on Paying for College
Student Loan Hero (blog)-Dec 16, 2018

How to find and apply for scholarships
The Philadelphia Tribune – Dec 18, 2018

Should Colleges Consider Home Equity?
Inside Higher Ed – Dec 17, 2018

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Teen Health

A New Way To Get College Students Through A Psychiatric Crisis — And Back To School
NPR.org – Dec 18, 2018
Sometimes a psychiatric crisis can be triggered by something small. For Alexia Phillips, 21, it was a heated argument with a close family member in February 2017.

More teens vape, but binge drinking and opioid use are down
USA TODAY-Dec 17, 2018
The percentage of high school seniors who say they vaped nicotine in the past 30 days nearly doubled this year, an increase federal officials want to curb with new rules and restrictions… 

Is Homework a Waste of Students’ Time? Study Finds It’s the Biggest Cause of Teen Stress
PEOPLE Magazine – Dec 18, 2018
It’s the bane of every teen’s existence. After sitting through hours at school, they leave only to get started on mountains of homework.


How to Begin Preparing for AP Exams Over Winter Break
US News & World Report  – Dec 17, 2018
Winter vacation marks the midpoint of the academic school year. And while you may be tempted to spend your entire vacation sleeping or watching television…


LSU Professor Researches Link Between ADHD and Entrepreneurship
Phys.Org- Dec 19, 2018
BATON ROUGE – Reginald L. Tucker, assistant professor in the Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems at LSU’s E. J. Ourso 

The Stigma Around Adderall Is Real…
Healthline-Dec 14, 2018
The first time I heard about stimulant abuse, I was in middle school. According to rumors, our vice principal had been caught stealing a kid’s Ritalin from the nurse’s office and, seemingly overnight


Can Students Get Out Of ED?
Forbes  – Dec 14, 2018
Early Decision (ED) notifications will be released within the next few days, and many students might start to double guess their binding decision.

How To Deal With A Deferral Or Denial Of Admission To College: Change Priorities
Forbes  – Dec 13, 2018
Grinning with his characteristically sly smile, Chuck Sanborn, the former director of college counseling at The Derryfield School, corrected my inquiry about his retirement, saying, “I didn’t retire, I just changed my priorities.”

Early Decision II Colleges: The Complete List
Forbes  – Dec 13, 2018
Universities release their early decision (ED) notifications mid-December, and if you didn’t get the answer you wanted, you might be wondering what your options are.