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Education Department Wants To Protect Student-Loan Debt Collectors
NPR.org - Feb 27, 2018
Student-loan debt collectors have been accused of deceiving and abusing student borrowers and have been sued by attorneys general in a handful of states. Now, they may be getting some relief. The debt collectors, that is. Not their customers. ....
GOP education bill would make college even less affordable for many, experts say
Hechinger Report - Feb 27, 2018
WASHINGTON — A bill proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives could change the college-financing system dramatically, moving billions of dollars out of financial aid programs.....
Give Money to College Students Who Need It
Bloomberg - Feb 28, 2018
America's top colleges and universities are providing students with more financial aid than ever. But more of the money should go to the families who need it most.....
We’re still paying for rich people to go to college. Why?
Washington Post OpEd - Feb 25, 2018
Republicans these days are full of tender concern that government welfare programs may weaken the moral fiber of their recipients. That is why they insist that benefits go only to those who prove their fitness of character through employment or job training....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Colleges Ask Applicants For More While Reading Applications Less
Forbes - Feb 22, 2018
About a year ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education's Eric Hoover reported on admission offices' efforts to "work smarter, not harder," when it came to reading applications. Deans and directors at popular colleges found themselves swamped with applications and "'reading on weekends, reading in the evenings,'" ....
Freshman, sophomore years important in college prep
Jackson Sun - Feb 22, 2018
Recently, I have been hearing parents say, “we don't think about college until the spring of junior year." Unfortunately, the emphasis on junior year performance lulls many students into thinking that if they’re serious about getting admitted to a good college, junior year is the time to kick things....
Colleges: Student protesters shouldn't worry about admission
ABC News - Feb 24, 2018
As some high school students face the threat of disciplinary action for participating in gun control demonstrations, dozens of colleges and universities are sending them a reassuring message: It won't affect their chances of getting into their schools.....
Suspended For Protesting? Here's How To Explain It To Colleges
Forbes - Feb 23, 2018
Most colleges require you to inform them if you’ve been suspended. Over the course of your high school years, you’ve probably decided not to do something — pull a fire alarm, punch a kid in the nose, do donuts in the school parking lot ....
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Letters of Recommendation

Here’s How Much Teacher Recommendations Actually Matter to Colleges
Her Campus - Feb 25, 2018
Recommendation letters might not seem like a very crucial part of your whole college application, but they say something about you that a school might not be able to get from your own essays, grades or extracurricular background. ....
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College Admissions Expert Elizabeth Levine: Campus Visits
Chronicle Newspaper - Feb 25, 2018
How can I maximize my campus visits? Just like you are looking for college success, you want to make sure the college does their part to ensure that their students succeed as well. ..
How to Plan a College Visit Road Trip Over Spring Break
Her Campus - Feb 23, 2018
Spring break is right around the corner and pre-collegiettes from all across the country are beginning to plan their long-awaited college visits. It is a prime time for visiting colleges and checking out which schools pique your interest. ....
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Students with Disabilities

People with disabilities are rapidly joining the workforce. That's a hopeful trend.
USA Today - Feb 22, 2018
TV reflects and shapes how we think about each other, including our family and neighbors with disabilities. Born This Way, The Good Doctor and Speechless offer role models with high expectations for inclusion and success. These positive TV depictions parallel a hopeful trend in our country — as new statistics show 343,483 more people with disabilitie....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 1, 2018
The Painful, Important Reminder of Dear White Counselor
She had never met her school counselor, but that didn’t keep her from bursting into his office once the bell rang. “I know what I want to do with my life!” the student . .. More

With Hundreds Of Students, School Counselors Just Try To 'Stay Afloat'
NPR.org - Feb 26, 2018
Yuridia Nava, a counselor at Riverside Polytechnic High School in Riverside, Calif., has been getting to work at 7 a.m. lately. It's class registration time, so she wants to be available before school for parents. ....
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6 months to send-off: How to emotionally prepare your child (and yourself) for college
NBC News - Feb 26, 2018
It seems like time went so fast — you blinked and now your baby is 18, ready to leave the safety of the nest to pursue their college dreams. ..
Positively Parenting: How Can We Prepare For The College Application Process?
The Daniel Island News - Feb 28, 2018
“My son is starting high school next year and I am already stressed out about him applying to college and he’s only 15. I hear so many parents talking about 9th and 10th grades being so important and the need to start planning resumes, etc.. ..
Parents Guide: How to Help Your Child Get Student Loans
Student Loan Hero - Feb 26, 2018
Your child did everything right: got good grades, was accepted to a great school, and even scored some scholarships. But it still doesn’t cover the total cost of their education. That’s not surprising considering the average cost of attending a four-year private institution is $33,480. ..
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College Board is accused of using school shootings to promote its AP program — and then apologizes
Washington Post - Feb 23, 2018
The College Board sent out a letter to its members this week expressing sorrow for the victims of the Feb. 14 shootings at a high school in Florida — and used the missive to talk about a program that the organization owns, Advanced Placement. Reaction was harsh, and the College Board apologized.....
Did College Board Take Advantage of Florida Tragedy?
Inside Higher Ed - Feb 22, 2018
The College Board sent admissions leaders an email message Wednesday related to the murders last week at a Florida high school -- and some recipients are questioning the taste of the message, which they see as a promotion of the Advanced Placement program.....
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Don't Make Getting Financial Aid Harder
US News - Feb 23, 2018
OVER MANY YEARS, colleges, federal and state agencies, and scholarship providers have worked together to simplify and streamline the process of applying for and receiving financial aid. But this year, students and colleges are facing new hurdles as they scramble....
Financial aid application rates now public to motivate more students to apply
KPCC,org - Feb 26, 2018
It used to be that only high school counselors and school administrators could see data about how many students had completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)....
College price tag: 5 things to know about applying for, evaluating federal financial aid
WRAL - Feb 26, 2018
About now, countless households across the Triangle are in the process of making a big decision: Where will their high school senior head to college next year? And, for most, money will be top of mind. During the current academic year....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Leaders should highlight the benefits of 2-year vocational education
MinnPost - Feb 26, 2018
My youngest son is a junior in high school and is in the midst of that difficult decision about what happens after he graduates next year. He has many great options before him, but there is clearly an assumption amongst most of those at his school and many of the people we know: ....
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Student Athletes

Start early when planning your athletic recruitment timeline
Tribune News Service - Feb 27, 2018
You’ve probably seen the headlines where 8th graders who can’t drive yet and haven’t taken algebra are being recruited to play athletics in college. Both sides of this equation sound a little crazy to me.......
Recruiting Tip: Eight questions to ask before deciding to use a recruiting service
USA Today HSS - Feb 26, 2018
If you search the internet for recruiting assistance, you will come to find almost as many recruiting services/websites as there are colleges offering scholarships. Many promise they will help you find an athletic scholarship because they have access to people......
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R.I. aims to boost educational achievement after high school
Providence Journal - Feb 23, 2018
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The commissioner of postsecondary education has announced a statewide initiative to dramatically increase the number of Rhode Islanders who have a college degree or some other form of credential, so that 70 percent of working-age Rhode Islanders hold at least an associate’s degree by 2025.. ..
Wicked smaht: Massachusetts students continue dominance in AP exams
WCVB - Feb 23, 2018
BOSTON — Massachusetts students led the nation in results on Advanced Placement exams for the second consecutive year, according to The College Board data from 2017... ..
High school graduation rate increases in Massachusetts as dropout rate falls
Boston.com - Feb 23, 2018
MALDEN, Mass. (AP) — The high school graduation rate in Massachusetts continues to improve. State officials say 88.3 percent of students who were ninth graders in the 2013-2014 school year, or who transferred into that class, graduated within four years.. ..
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Teen Health

All teens should be screened for depression, new guidelines urge
NBC News - TODAY - Feb 26, 2018
Depression is a growing threat to American children and teens. As many as 1 in 5 teens experience depression at some point during adolescence, but parents often miss the clues,.. ..
Teen sexting may be more common than you think
Reuters - Feb 27, 2018
(Reuters Health) - At least one in four teens are receiving sexually explicit texts and emails, and at least one in seven are sending sexts, a new study suggests ..
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