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Department of Justice Probes Admissions Ethics Code
Inside Higher Ed - Jan 10, 2018
The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into whether the ethics code of the National Association for College Admission Counseling violates federal antitrust law....
No College Kid Needs a Water Park to Study
New York Times OpEd - Jan 9, 2018
In a competition to woo students, public universities are increasingly offering lavish amenities that have nothing to do with education....
Are Prospective Students About to Disappear?
Inside Higher Ed - Jan 4, 2018
Yes, everyone in admissions knows that certain groups of students -- those who graduate from good high schools and have parents able to pay a significant share or all of their tuition and other college expenses...
How Merit-Based College Admissions Became So Unfair
Investors Business Daily - Jan 4, 2018
During World War I, chemist James Conant was deeply involved in research on what was considered the worst imaginable weapon: poison gas. During World War II, as a science adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt,...
Congress Changed 529 College Savings Plans, And Now States Are Nervous
NPR.org - Jan 8, 2018
That's because, with the new tax law, Republicans have made important changes to 529 plans that will affect millions of taxpayers, not just the ones saving for college. Before that news, though, a quick primer....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

If college is ahead, so are hard choices
Washington Post - Jan 4, 2018
The acceptance envelope from Towson State University was pretty cool. Featuring a picture of the bronze tiger mascot, it simply said in bold lettering, ďYouíre In!Ē...
Searching for Colleges by Price Tag
The College Solution Blog - Jan 4, 2018
College price tags are meaningless. Most students do not pay full tuition price for college. That said, paying attention to college prices can be extremely helpful in making college more affordable....
How Admissions Works at Online Bachelorís Programs
US News - Jan 9, 2018
Contrary to what some prospective students believe, online bachelor's programs aren't always easier to get into than those offered on a physical campus.....
8 Fears You Have About Choosing an Out-of-State School (& How to Deal)
Her Campus - Jan 7, 2018
The thought of going to an out-of-state college might simultaneously sound like the best and worst idea that you have ever had. On one hand, youíre going to have the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people, youíll get a fresh start....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jan 12, 2018
Two Roadblocks to Effective Postsecondary Counseling
There isnít a single school counselor who canít tell you what they need to make their job easier. From smaller caseloads to far fewer ďother duties as assignedĒ (Iím talking about you, schedule changes) ... More

Never underestimate a guidance counselorís power
New York Daily News - Jan 8, 2018
I remember kicking used crack vials out of my way as a kid to play outside my building. I remember learning what drugs were around the age of 3, at home in pajamas, watching my uncle roll joints in his bedroom.. .....
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Thereís great and not-so-great money for colleges
Tribune News Service - Jan 9, 2018
If youíre the parent of a high school senior and youíre thinking about how to pay for college without going broke, itís a whole new, expensive world. .....
Starting club, service project can impress admissions officers
Chicago Tribune - Jan 5, 2018
Our daughter, an honor student, will be a freshman in high school this fall. We want to help her prepare for the eventual college admissions process by supporting her current interests and strengths while exposing her to projects .....
Both parents, students need a to-do list to enter college
Moonpark Acorn - Jan 5, 2018
Letís be honest. The college process is overwhelming and stressful . . . for parents! Itís no wonder. Rising college costs and increased competition for admission make it harder than ever to guide our kids so they end up at the right college at the right price......
5 Ways the New Tax Law Affects Paying for College
US News - Jan 8, 2018
The final version of the GOP tax bill that passed last month rewrites the tax code in many ways, eliminating deductions and adding new benefits. Some of these new provisions affect those paying for college.....
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With January SAT gone, all eyes on March
MyCentralJersey.com - Jan 8, 2018
The January SAT exam is now history. It was given for the last time in January 2017 and has been replaced by an August exam that will be administered each year on the last Saturday of that month.....
Are the ACT or SAT Good Substitutes for State Tests? New Study Raises Questions
EdWeek (registration required) - Jan 8, 2018
The study, by the Assessment Solutions Group, focuses on one slice of the testing question: whether it's a good idea to let some districts substitute college-entrance exams for state tests....
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The Scariest Ways Parents Mess Up Their Studentís College Aid
Student Loan Hero - Jan 8, 2018
As a parent, helping your kid apply for college financial aid can be a hands-on and time-consuming process. You play a central role in helping your child figure out how to pay for college and get the most student aid. ....
4 Major Ways the FAFSA Can Help You Pay for College
Student Loan Hero - Jan 8, 2018
Starting senior year in high school can feel like youíre juggling a hundred things at once. Besides your classes and activities, youíve got to study for the SAT and apply to college....
Students should take FAFSA verification process seriously
Gilmer Mirror - Jan 8, 2018
The federal government requires many students who submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to verify the information on the FAFSA. The students are chosen by the U.S. Department of Education.....
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Career and Technical Education

Robust Apprenticeship Program Key To Germany's Manufacturing Might
NPR.org - Jan 4, 2018
Washington could be doing a much better job in its high schools and community colleges to guide students toward careers that pay well but donít necessarily require a four-year college degree....
High schools alone can't prepare kids for careers: Dialogue Delaware
Delaware Online - Jan 5, 2018
Unlike old-fashioned vocational education, high school-level career and technical education doesnít really prepare people for jobs directly after high school. While the stated end goal of K-12 education in America is for students to be ďcollege and career ready,Ē....
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Pa.'s state university system eyes changes to tuition plans
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  - Jan 8, 2018
Several state-owned universities want to modify how they price tuition next year, including Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which seeks to bill out-of-state students per-credit, rather than by flat rate, and reduce charges at branch campuses....
Hogan proposes 'corruption' investigator for Maryland's public schools
Baltimore Sun  - Jan 8, 2018
Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday there is a crisis of confidence in Marylandís public schools and proposed a new ďinvestigator generalĒ to root out what he described as corruption, mismanagement and ineptitude in some Maryland school districts.....
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The way we talk about sexting is failing our teenage girls
Quartz  - Jan 10, 2018
Thereís something wrong with the way we talk to teenagers about sexting. A lot of parents and schools warn teens to avoid sending nude photos, lest they fall into the wrong hands...
Teen girls overwhelmed by sexting requests, study says
WGN-TV  - Jan 05, 2018
CHICAGO -- Peer pressure is a normal part of the teenage experience, but a new study from Northwestern University, reveals just how hard it is for girls to say "no" when pushed by a boy to send nude pictures....
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