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Texas legislature taking on college costs
MarketPlace.org - Feb 21, 2018
A panel of Texas lawmakers meets Wednesday to take a look at how the state funds higher education each year. Legislatures across the country - who all face rising costs of higher ed and are trying to contain tuition hikes - will be watching for portable solutions that might work in other states.....
Who's Missing From America's Colleges? Rural High School Graduates
NPR.org - Feb 15, 2018
When Dustin Gordon's high school invited juniors and seniors to meet with recruiters from colleges and universities, a handful of students showed up....
College Debt, Without the Degree
The Atlantic - Feb 12, 2018
Alduha Leon wanted to earn a degree in marine science from Savannah State University. But between classes during the day, and night shifts at the Atlanta airport loading luggage onto planes, he was exhausted. He felt broke all the time. After three years, he dropped out....
How to spot a predatory for-profit college
MarketWatch - Feb 15, 2018
Just because a school has “university” in its name doesn’t mean you’ll get a quality education. To avoid unscrupulous colleges, you’ll need to look beyond ads.. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Six years is the new four, students sadly find out
MyCentralJersey - Feb 20, 2018
“What is your four-year graduation rate?” This may be one of the most important questions that college-bound students and their parents can ask when considering a potential college. ..
College Admissions Advice: What to do if Deferred or Denied
Mint Hill Times - Feb 21, 2018
Right now, the anticipation has set in for high school seniors all over the country. Students are diligently checking their emails with high hopes for a college acceptance letter, it will be their golden ticket. Everything is done,. ..
What Are My Chances? High Schoolers, Scattergrams, And The College Admissions Process
Forbes - Feb 20, 2018
Q: What is the scariest thing for a high school senior? A: A Naviance Scattergram! This is an old college counselor joke (hilarious, in certain circles). But in fact, at least once every few Halloweens, I have seen a creative senior dress up as a scattergram complete with green dots,. ..
3 Social Media Tips for Your College-Bound Teen
Comstock Magazine - Feb 15, 2018
Did you know that teens spend an average of nine hours a day using media outlets? As an educational consultant and college admissions coach, it’s fascinating to watch this trend play out. In an hour-long consulting session, my students check their phones ..
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Don’t Make This Common College Application Mistake!
TeenLife Blog - Feb 15, 2018
What is the single biggest mistake you can make on your college application? Submitting a narrative as your essay response to the prompt. You might as well just include the wrong school name while you are at it... ..
How to Write the Personal Statement for College Applications
Lifehacker - Feb 16, 2018
If you’re seeing your high schooler through the college application process for the first time, you’ll probably find that few aspects of the process fill them with as much dread as penning the personal statement.. ..
College Admissions: Telling Your Story through Writing
VOA - Feb 17, 2018
The application process to almost every college and university in the United States has several parts to it. Each part tells admissions officials at the schools something different about an applicant.. ..
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Why Freshmen and Sophomores Should Visit College Campuses
TeenLive Blog - Feb 20, 2018
Students and their families usually begin visiting colleges in the spring of junior year of high school. But should families start sooner? What are the benefits of making preliminary college visits during freshman or sophomore years of high school? ..
5 Questions You Should Ask On A College Tour - But No One Ever Does
Huffington Post - Feb 17, 2018
Spring break is college touring time, the annual ritual where the families of high school juniors make visits to universities.. ..
4 Ways to Tour a College Without Stepping Foot on Campus
Her Campus - Feb 17, 2018
As you prepare for one of the most important choices of your life, there are many ways you can make a well-prepared decision. Selecting the right college involves many nights of pros and cons lists, overseeing tuition costs and trying on school colors to see which ones you like best... ..
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Students with Disabilities

Landmark College students create virtual reality game for statistics
Education Dive - Feb 16, 2018
Somehow Cael Hansen missed the series of virtual reality demos on campus. The Massachusetts native enrolled in Landmark College planning to major in computer science, and he decided to witness virtual reality.....

Archives - Students with Disabilities
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 22, 2018
Scheduling Season—A Time for Quality Counseling
The last of the schedule changes for this year is in the rear-view mirror, just in time for school counselors to embrace yet another task that isn’t exactly counseling—scheduling for next year. .. More

If Americans really cared about students’ mental health, these school ratios would be very different
Washington Post - Feb 15, 2018
Grief counselors are always made available to help students when there is a traumatic event at a school, such as this week, when a gunman entered a Florida high school and fired a military-style assault weapon, killing 17 people. ....
Counselors play critical role in recognizing troubled students
KHOU - Feb 16, 2018
"It sounds like the school took some precautions and acted within the parameters of what you can do," Prasad said. "You also have to think about the person's rights." In private practice, the obligations are different.....
A Tennessee Senator Wants School Counselors To Identify ‘Students Who Might Be Dangerous’
Nashville Public Radio - Feb 20, 2018
"We should be looking at - at least at the state level and local level - having more counselors in schools identifying the children who might be dangerous to other children," he said. "Perhaps there's a federal role for that as well. ....
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How To Talk With Kids About Terrible Things
NPR.org - Feb 18, 2018
For the more than 3,000 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Wednesday's mass shooting was terrifying and life-changing. But what of the tens of millions of other children, in schools across the country...
Get Tips for Parents Borrowing Loans for College
US News - Feb 15, 2018
For most families, paying for college involves a combination of savings, income, financial aid and – in some instances – loans. After students hit the federal borrowing limit, parents oftentimes have to consider whether to take out loans to help finance their children's college education....
Archives - Parents
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Practice IB Exam Skills With These 3 Everyday Activities
US News - Feb 19, 2018
The International Baccalaureate exams assess three advanced academic skills: the abilities to analyze and present information; evaluate and construct arguments; and solve problems creatively. These exams also assess the retention of knowledge.....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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10 Schools Where Out-of-State Students Get Merit Aid
US News - Feb 20, 2018
Attending college as an out-of-state student can be costly, but a generous merit aid package can help reduce the overall bill.....
5 Things You Need to Know About Free College Aid
Forbes - Feb 21, 2018
For families with high school seniors, this is college crunch time, albeit one with a double whammy: Seeing which schools are sending acceptance letters and which ones pony up real financial aid (not loans)....
6 Things Every High Schooler Needs to Know About Student Loans
Student Loan Hero - Feb 12, 2018
For most of high school, you’re just worried about passing your classes. But preparing for college can add even more stress - especially when teachers and school counselors don’t educate you about the true cost of college, including student loans....
6 other college costs (and opportunities) to consider when the financial aid letter arrives
Weekly News Journal - Feb 21, 2018
(BPT) - The last year of high school is a whirl of activity, and it’s no different when it comes to the final leg of college selection. Once the acceptance notifications arrive, it will soon be time to sit down with a different stack of mail: financial aid letters....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Ask Brianna: Is 4-year college right for you?
The Associated Press - Feb 20, 2018
Americans want to believe that we all have the chance to explore our individual brands of limitless potential. We tell young people, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” ....
Shadowing a professional promotes career awareness
MyCentralJersey - Feb 15, 2018
A pilot project launched at Immaculata High School - the Career Shadowing Program - provides its seniors with an ideal opportunity to experience their intended career first-hand by being immersed in the work environment....
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Private College Applications Rise Despite Cuomo Tuition Plan
New York Times - Feb 16, 2018
When Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced the Excelsior scholarship program offering free tuition to New York’s public colleges and universities last year, many of New York’s private colleges worried that they would lose prospective students.. ..
State Tuition Waivers In Massachusetts—Not As Helpful As Expected
Falmouth Enterprise - Feb 16, 2018
Tuition is the charge or fee for instruction. People think that a full tuition waiver is a big deal. In many states it is. In Massachusetts, it is not...
New Nonprofit College To Focus On Low Tuition, Christian Principles
WBUR.org - Feb 20, 2018
A new nonprofit college is expected to open in Boston this fall, with a focus on Christianity and a $9,000 sticker price...
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Student Athletes

College athletic recruitment 101
Tribune News Service - Feb 19, 2018
Hey Hollywood, how about a new television show called “So You Think You Can Be A Professional Athlete?” The stats aren’t encouraging.......
Five ways parents should help with recruiting
USA Today HSS - Feb 20, 2018
Parents often take on many roles in the recruiting process. Some become their child’s sport agent, while others act more like a personal assistant, sending emails on behalf of their athlete....
Recruiting Tip: How to pick the right college
USA Today HSS - Feb 19, 2018
There are many things to consider in deciding on a college. Each of us has unique needs and values, and what’s important to you may not matter to someone else. So, what’s important to you?.....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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