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Many state flagship universities leave black and Latino students behind
Hechinger Report - Jan 29, 2018
Many of the nation’s best public universities are enrolling disproportionately few African-American and Latino students. Flagship universities are the jewels in the crown of public higher education systems . ..
Do Schools Need Sports?
The Atlantic - Jan 30, 2018
Struggling New Orleans high schools gave up football in order to focus on academics—but they’re starting to question whether it has to be all or nothing. ..
Why Community Colleges Are Good for You
Chronicle of Higher Ed - Jan 28, 2018
The challenges facing higher education are almost always analyzed in terms of four-year colleges and universities, even though more students attend community college than any other type of higher-education institution. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College Advice: Seek Campuses That Connect To The World Of Work
Forbes - Jan 30, 2018
Liberal arts colleges are sometimes regarded as “campus bubbles” or “ivory towers.” There are institutions where a remote location can make engagement with experiential learning a challenge . ..
How to Apply to Lots of Colleges Without Going Broke
Wisebread - Jan 26, 2018
The cost of college is a major expense for any family pursuing higher education, but it's important to note that the money suck begins way before the first tuition bill. It starts with the college-bound teenager's application process.. ..
College Admissions: Bridging the Language Gap
VOA - Jan 30, 2018
International students can face many kinds of barriers in applying for admission to colleges and universities in the United States.. ..
How colleges spam high school students at the worst possible time
New York Post - Jan 27, 2018
We tried to ignore them — but they took over. We tried getting rid of them — they popped back in greater numbers. Each January and February, just as NYC high-school juniors are dealing with finals and term papers, our inboxes are engulfed by college-admissions marketing e-mails. ..
It's Freshman Year: Check In About These College Admissions Tasks
Teenife Blog - Jan 26, 2018
It’s time for a mid-year checkup. Half of the school year has passed and with a new start in January, students should evaluate their progress. Freshman year begins the process that eventually culminates in admission to college for most students. ..
College acceptance letters aren't what they used to be
Tallahassee.com - Jan 26, 2018
All across the country, high school seniors are anxiously awaiting their acceptance notices from colleges and universities. My daughter is one of those seniors. She has spent four years in high school studying hard to keep her GPA high ..
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Visit 10 colleges before senior year of high school
Jackson News  - Jan 26, 2018
A crucial part of deciding which college to attend is finding a good fit. And a great way to get more information is to tour the university. Of course, visiting colleges may not be possible for everyone, but it's a good idea to make the trips if you can......
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Students with Disabilities

Students With Disabilities Are Largely Ignored by Colleges’ Assault Prevention, Study Finds
Chronicle of Higher Ed - Jan 29, 2018
Students with disabilities are not “on the radar” of colleges’ efforts and policies to prevent sexual assault, a new federal study has found....
Ballplayer With Dyslexia Finds 'New Beginning' Chasing Baseball Dream
WBUR.org - Jan 26, 2018
About 20 years ago, when he was just a toddler, Pat McKenna was diagnosed with dyslexia. He grew up in the sleepy Massachusetts town of Millis.....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 1, 2018
National School Counseling Week: It’s OK to Celebrate Yourself
It’s gratifying to see that National School Counseling Week is finally gaining traction among some key groups. Thanks in large part to the support school counselors received from Michelle Obama during her time as First Lady,.. More

Michelle Obama surprises 2018 School Counselor of the Year. Watch the video
Washington Post - Jan 25, 2018
Kirsten Perry, newly named 2018 School Counselor of the Year, was sitting in a school office with some students at Lawndale Community Academy in Chicago, waiting for what she thought would be a phone call from the executive director of the American School Counselor Association....
Guidance Counselors Deserve Recognition
EdWeek (registration required) - Jan 25, 2018
With so much attention paid to the role of teachers, it's easy to forget the importance of guidance counselors ("Never underestimate a guidance counselor's power," New York Daily News, Jan. 8, 2018). ...
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Options For Parent College Loans
Falmouth Enterprise - Jan 26, 2018
Today we will discuss three lending options that parents can use for college loans. These loans are available from local banks, a state authority, and the government....
Study: Parents who give their teenagers alcohol are inviting trouble
USA Today - Jan 25, 2018
It seems to make some sense: Let your teenagers drink at home where they will have adult supervision and won’t be driving. But a new study finds that parents who provide their kids with alcohol aren’t doing them any favors....
Mental Health Issues Overlooked in College Transition
WebMD - Jan 25, 2018
Teens are more stressed and anxious than in the past, yet their parents will send many off to college with little thought about the mental health issues they might face while there, according to a new WebMD/Medscape survey in collaboration with JED....
Archives - Parents
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3 Tips to Avoid Falling Behind on SAT, ACT Prep
US News - Jan 29, 2018
For high school sophomores and juniors, SAT and ACT test dates in the winter and early spring can pose a unique issue: focusing on preparation after winter break and amid the threat of snow days.....
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Use of financial aid continues to grow, though fewer students are borrowing for college
Washington Post - Jan 30, 2018
Financial aid remains a lifeline for the vast majority of undergraduates, as the percentage of those relying on loans and grants to cover college costs continues to rise....
Financial Aid 101: The glossary you’ll need (Part 1)
Tribune News Service - Jan 30, 2018
Students want to know if they’ll be accepted, and parents want to know how they’re going to pay for college. College has always been expensive but a generation or two ago, the cost of attendance. ...
6 Ways to Pay for College When You Don’t Have Parental Support
Student Loan Hero - Jan 30, 2018
There are many paths to paying for college. You could secure scholarships, qualify for state-based grants, and take out federal or private student loans.. ...
Can I shield assets from FAFSA to get more college aid? | Biz Brain
NJ.com - Jan 30, 2018
Q. It seems like the financial aid formulas can be manipulated by making a large principal prepayment on a primary residence in order to shift assets from the reportable to the non-reportable category.. ...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Georgia embraces Germany’s apprenticeship model
MarketPlace - Jan 26, 2018
Factory workers are aging and manufacturers are worried there won’t be enough young people with the technical skills to do their jobs. So 10 states have embraced Germany’s apprenticeship model to help fill these manufacturing positions. . . ..
In spite of a growing shortage in male-dominated vocations, women still aren’t showing up
Hechinger Report - Jan 26, 2018
CaRROLLTON, Ga. — In a classroom of a technical college an hour from Atlanta, Kimberly Hinely picks up a welding torch and lowers her face shield. Sparks fly around her as she melts the metal, joining iron to iron.....
Vocational students drive graduation growth
Albany Democrat-Herald - Jan 28, 2018
It's only the second year of measurement, but so far, Oregon's shift back toward vocational education appears to be paying off in higher graduation rates.. ..
Arizona Expands Career And Technical Education
KJZZ.org - Jan 29, 2018
In 2017, 49 states passed 241 laws related to career and technical education (CTE), a dramatic increase compared to the past five years, according to a new analysis. . ..
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NJ Spotlight - Jan 29, 2018
Report touches on most of Murphy's education promises, but in some cases seems to step away from several high-profile goals 4 Comments . ..
Connecticut Regents Failed To Do College Merger Homework
Hartford Courant - Jan 29, 2018
It's painfully obvious that the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education hasn't done its homework on Students First, the ill-thought-out planned merger of the state's 12 community colleges. . ..
Proposal would slash cost of college education in Pa.
Pocono Record - Jan 29, 2018
Two independent research firms have announced a joint plan to make college tuition free for Pennsylvania students. The $1.6 billion proposal would cover that cost for most full-time Pennsylvania-resident students enrolled in any of the state’s 14 public universities. . ..
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Teen Health

Sleepy U.S. Teens Are Running on Empty
HealthDay News - Jan 25, 2018
THURSDAY, Jan. 25, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Most American teenagers are plagued by too little sleep, which can hurt their health and their school performance, federal health officials said Thursday.. ..
Talk Therapy May Be Worth It for Teen Depression
US Health - Jan 29, 2018
MONDAY, Jan. 29, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Talk therapy can be a cost-effective way to treat teens with depression who don't take or stop using antidepressants, a new study finds.. ..
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