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April 28, 2022

Big Picture

Cost, emotional stress leading to enrollment challenges at colleges, study finds
EdSource – April 22, 2022
Many adults across the United States who don’t attend college are interested in enrolling, but the high costs of attendance are preventing them from doing so. At the same time, significant numbers of students currently enrolled in college have recently considered dropping out, and they overwhelmingly point to emotional stress as the reason.

Old-school discipline doesn’t work any more – and shouldn’t
EdSource – April 24, 2022
Why last year’s discipline reforms were the right move, and why we need to go further

Nearly Half of Teachers Had Students Who Never Showed Up to Class Last Year: Report
U.S. News & World Report – April 20, 2022
A new report marks the first big-picture look at the obstacles that kept students locked out and what it might take to bring them back.

Columns and Blogs

Still Can’t Decide? Try This
Post – April 27, 2022
Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.

Evaluating your college visits
Post – April 27, 2022
College Advice & Timely Tips with Lee Bierer


School counselor on navigating post-high school plans: ‘There are so many ways to approach this’
Marketplace – April 21, 2022
May 1 is National College Decision Day, when college-bound high school seniors across the U.S. must commit to the school they’ll attend in the fall. But there’s been a marked drop in college enrollment during the pandemic, and the freshman enrollment rate last fall was 9.2% lower than prior. For counselors, it’s a sign of the importance of supporting a variety of pathways for high school graduates, including apprenticeship programs and going directly into the workforce.

An alternative high school in Anchorage is focusing on mental health to help students graduate
Alaska Public Media – April 20, 2022
School Counselor Karen Hobart can offer some help, like connecting kids to resources. but she isn’t a licensed mental health clinician so she can’t provide long-term therapy. In the past, she could refer them to providers outside of the office, but they often wouldn’t go. Either they had transportation issues or just didn’t follow-up. Now, she can send them to a mental health clinician who is based in the building. Having him there is a game changer, she said.

One way to address student mental health? Bring the clinic to school.
Chalkbeat – April 4, 2022
Many school districts are trying to address the problem by putting more counselors, nurses, and social workers in schools with their share of federal COVID funds. Adding new school-based health centers would make those efforts more effective, experts say, because the centers are better equipped to assist with the most complex cases, freeing up school staff to handle other needs.

OPINION: There’s an effective way to guide our students through mental health problems
The Hechinger Report – April 26, 2022
Schools do not have the resources they need, but relying on peers is a great step in the right direction


How to Help Teens Struggling With Mental Health
The New York Times – April 23, 2022
Answers to common questions about identifying and compassionately addressing issues of anxiety and depression in adolescents.

Rates Of Teen Substance Overdoses Have ‘Skyrocketed’
Moms.com – April 24, 2022
A new study has found that the rates of teen drug overdose have ‘skyrocketed’ and it may be something parents want to keep in mind. Teenagers are in a unique and serious stage of development. They are learning to find themselves as individuals while trying to navigate their school, work, and social life. They are also thinking about college, and this can all place a lot of pressure on teens. For some, this can mean that their mental health is impacted, and parents should always be aware of the ways a teen may cope with mental health challenges.

College Visits: Do’s, Don’ts for Parents
U.S. News & World Report – April 25, 2022
Be alert without smothering, help take notes and ask questions that prompt reflection.


As colleges and universities drop admission tests, what’s the impact on enrollment?
PBS News Hour – April 26, 2022
SAT or ACT scores used to make or break college applications for high school seniors. But the pandemic turned that all on its head as nearly 80% of four-year colleges and universities went test-optional. Many schools are now evaluating whether that policy should become permanent. (Part of the series, ‘Rethinking College’transcript included]


Admissions Process & Strategy

College Enrollment Caps: What to Know
U.S. News & World Report – April 27, 2022
Public colleges and universities were designed to serve the educational needs of those who live in the state. To uphold that mission, some schools and states set enrollment caps or limit the number of out-of-state students that can be admitted each year.

Prestige doesn’t always maximize the value of a degree
Marketplace – April 21, 2022
Imagine you’re a high school senior who has been accepted to several colleges, including a few that carry a bit of ‘prestige.’ Weighing your options, you might think those few could lead to greater earning power down the line. Were that true, your choice would be simple: the most prestigious college that’ll take you. But to what extent does that logic hold?

Making College Accessibility More Equitable Includes Banning Legacy Admissions
Yahoo! Life – April 26, 2022
Supporters of legacy admissions — most typically schools themselves — try to argue that banning the practice could lead to a potential loss in donors and a loss in attendance; they decry the dismantling of precious ‘tradition.’ But in reality, after abolishing the practice, schools actually see no effect or even an increase in donations…

Financial Aid/Scholarships

How To Secure Last-Minute Financial Aid For College
Forbes – April 23, 2022
t’s still not too late to seek out forms of financial aid. Experts agree that now is a great time to do just that if you’re willing to put in some extra time and effort. But, how can you score more financial aid so late in the game? Here are several strategies suggested by the top experts in their field:

The Complete Guide To Paying For College in 2022
Yahoo! Finance – April 22, 2022
The pandemic reignited the debate over whether or not it still pays to go to college. Whether it does or doesn’t, when it comes to college, paying is part of going. If the cost seems astronomical, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to pay for college, from student loans and scholarships to financial aid. Keep reading to see your options and find out how most Americans are paying for college today.

As College Acceptances Arrive, Here’s How to Ask for More Financial Aid
Black Enterprise – April 25, 2022
Since the 2022-2023 financial aid award will be based on 2020 tax returns, students’ household income could look totally different now, according to a press release. But what options do students have when their financial aid award may not reflect their current situation? Many students and families may not know they can appeal for more financial aid. The four tips below will help you take the necessary steps to secure all eligible financial aid.

Career & Technical Education

What College Enrollment Trends Say About the New Economy
Advisor Perspectives – April 25, 2022
Although two-year programs were hit harder by the pandemic than those taking four-years, with enrollment down 15% since 2019, what you might call ‘science of blue-collar occupation’ degrees are running counter to the negative trend. This might be a temporary blip brought on by exceptionally strong demand for experienced professionals in these fields with up-to-date technical skills and broad business management training. But I wonder if it might represent the end of traditional blue collar/white collar/professional distinctions.

Memphis’ Power 1,000 internships aim to help high school students gain work skills
Chalkbeat – April 25, 2022
Kaleb Sy is just a junior at East High School, but he already has his career aspirations all mapped out: First, he wants to become a criminal defense attorney, working his way to the Western Tennessee U.S. Attorney’s Office with an ultimate goal of representing the Volunteer State in the U.S. Senate. As he wraps up a semester-long internship in Memphis-Shelby County Schools Superintendent Joris Ray’s office, he feels he’s one step closer to achieving those dreams.

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Teen Health

Adolescents accounted for larger share of suicides in many states in 2020
NBC News – April 25, 2022
Medical groups and health experts are increasingly sounding the alarm about child and teen mental health.

The teen mental health crisis mystery
Morning Brew – April 24, 2022
It’s not just a Covid story.

Social Media and Youth Mental Health: How to Find Balance After Pandemic Spikes in Use
Healthline – April 26, 2022
Penelope Cruz recently announced on CBS that her children aren’t allowed to use social media until they’re 16. “I feel really bad for the ones that are teenagers now,” she said. “It’s almost like the world [is] doing some kind of experiment on them: ‘Oh, let’s see what happens if you expose a 12-year-old to that much technology.’ ”Cruz may have a point.


Admissions association will help lead test-optional enrollment study
Higher Ed Dive – April 20, 2022
Higher education’s top admissions association will spearhead a study examining how dropping the SAT and ACT as an entrance requirement affected college and university enrollment. NACAC— through a $1.4 million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant — will work with researchers who will review enrollment patterns of 150 four-year colleges, some of which adopted test-optional policies.