April 26, 2018 Issue

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Big picture
Should College Be The Goal For All Students?
WBUR.org - Apr 25, 2018
Over the past decade, policymakers and education leaders have recognized that, while high school graduation and college enrollment rates were important benchmarks,
Investigating College Admission
Forbes - Apr 21, 2018
Despite the considerable turbulence in the Department of Justice (DOJ), one might wonder how the admission practices of a small number of America’s colleges have come under scrutiny
Colleges can make a fortune from saying 'no' to applicants—here’s how much they pull in
CNBC - Apr 23, 2018
Seeking Rural Applicants and Perhaps Ideological Diversity
Inside Higher Ed-Apr 23, 2018
Warren Wilson College, a private institution with a reputation for a liberal student body, doesn’t ask applicants for their political views.
Admissions Process & Strategy
College Connection: 5 ways to stand out on college applications
MyCentralJersey.com-Apr 19, 2018
College Admissions: Let's Cut the Stress!
New York Times-Apr 21, 2018 (letters)
Junior year is critical time for researching colleges, experts say
Omaha World-Herald - Apr 21, 2018
Videos can help some college applicants shine
Herald-Mail Media-Apr 19, 2018
College Admissions: Receiving Support Through Recommendations
Voice of America-Apr 20, 2018
WASHINGTON — When it comes to reaching one’s goals, there is a saying English speakers often use to explain the path to success. It goes like this:
“It’s not what you know, but who you know…”
Could Your College Acceptance Really Be Rescinded?
Her Campus - Apr 21, 2018
Waiting - Rejection - Accepting
Do college waitlists help high school seniors?
The Baylor Lariat - Apr 25, 2018
5 Things That Don't Matter When Choosing a College
Teen Vogue - Apr 24, 2018
At college decision time, conservatives face tough choices
Christian Science Monitor - Apr 23, 2018
The counterintuitive economics of choosing a college
Quartz - Apr 16, 2018
College Visits
Treat a college visit like you’re vacationing, not like you’re cramming for finals
Washington Post - Apr 21, 2018
It’s April. Eleventh-graders and their parents are getting advice on summer college visits. Having studied this phenomenon as a parent and writer for a long time, I sense trouble.
How to Prepare for Effective College Interviews
Atlanta Jewish Times-Apr 19, 2018
Gap Year
5 Reasons Why A Gap Year is a Very Good Idea After High School
TeenLife Blog - Apr 23, 2018
Taking a gap year or semester – time away from straight academics between high school and college – is the norm in many countries but is still rare in the United States. This is certainly the case in the school where I serve as a school counselor
How People With Learning Disabilities Handle Their Differences In The Workplace
Forbes - Apr 22, 2018
People with learning disabilities know the answer is not to dwell on their disabilities but to build on their strengths.
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Columns and Blogs

Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Three Remarkable Looks at School Counselors and College Access
Post - April 26 2018

College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

National College Decision Day, May 1, is looming. Here are 5 tips to help make that final decision
Tribune News Service - April 24 2018

The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Don’t Overlook College Graduation Rates
The College Solution Blog - Apr 2, 2018
Six Ways To Work With Your College Counselor
Forbes - Apr 23, 2018
High schools juniors should be gearing up for the college admission process right about now. (Yes, you should.) Some of you may have been planning for this rite of passage for years;
To get in to an Ivy League, more families turn to expensive private consultants
CNBC - Apr 24, 2018
7 mistakes parents make with teens
Washington Post - Apr 24, 2018
I’ve worked hard to figure out when and where I was getting off-track in relating to my teens. Along the way, I confronted several pitfalls worth passing along
College Guide: Tuition Tips & Inspiring Your Teen
Long Island Press - Apr 19, 2018
Schools wrestle with protecting student privacy on Facebook
PBS NewsHour - April 24, 2018
Career & Technical Education
High-paying jobs go begging while high school grads line up for bachelor’s degrees
Hechinger Report - Apr 23, 2018
Huge shortages loom in the skilled trades, which require less — and cheaper — training
Finding Entrepreneurial Solutions To The Career Education Pipeline Problem
Forbes - Apr 19, 2018
Many colleges and universities don’t make much effort to teach skills that can land someone a well-paying job, without the four-year degree. Preparing students for careers in electronics, medical support, coding and data
Your Ag College Guide 2018
Farm and Dairy - Apr 19, 2018
‘The lack of faculty is going to kill our rural schools’
PBS Newshour - Apr 20, 2018
Teen Health
When Teens Cyberbully Themselves
NPR.org -Apr 21, 2018
During the stressful teen years, most adolescents experience emotional highs and lows, but for more than 20 percent of teenagers, their worries and sad feelings
Why this family blames mental health system for teen's suicide
NBCNews.com - Apr 24, 2018
Poll: most US teens are worried that a shooting could happen at their school
Vox - Apr 20, 2018
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April 26, 2018

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Financial Aid/Scholarships
The actual costs of US college financial aid
Quartz-Apr 23, 2018
It’s that time of year. Colleges have mailed acceptance letters and parents and students have until May 1 to make a decision. One of the most important factors is cost. And it’s not surprising if you’re looking at your financial aid offer and wondering, “Is this it?”
You got into college. Congratulations! Here’s the bill
The Boston Globe - Apr 19, 2018
What if you landed a spot at the college of your dreams, only to learn the cost would be nearly insurmountable? Would you reconsider a college lower down on your list if it offered you tens of thousands of dollars of merit aid? Should you opt for community college or a gap year instead?
Loan Options For The College Award Letter Gap
CapeNews.net-Apr 20, 2018
Virtually every college award letter will not cover the full cost of the first year of college. The bill for the first semester comes due on August 1, which is a little over three months away. How is your family funding the award letter gap?
5 tricks for paying for college
CNBC -Apr 21, 2018
Common FAFSA mistakes worth avoiding
USA TODAY High School Sports - Apr 24, 2018
SAT vs. ACT: Which is right for you?
ABC17News.com - Apr 25, 2018
Throughout their high school careers, prospective college students know about the importance of things like grade point average and extracurricular activities
OPINION: Standardized tests offer ‘a neutral yardstick’ in college admissions
Hechinger Report - Apr 24, 2018
To what extent should standardized tests play a role in college admissions?
For many college admission officers, standardized tests provide a neutral yardstick for measuring student potential and performance.
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