March 29, 2018 Issue

Big picture
Invisible no more: How advising programs are finding new talent for top colleges
Washington Post - Mar 27, 2018
Contrary To What Everyone Thinks, College Costs Less These Days
Forbes - Mar 26, 2018
The notion that the cost of a college education is spiraling out of control is a myth. Over the past decade, the real cost of college has been largely flat and, in many cases, going to college is actually less expensive than it was ten years ago.
It's Time To Worry When Colleges Erase Humanities Departments
Forbes - Mar 23, 2018
On its website, the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point still has these statements: At UW-Stevens Point, you will enter a broad-based general education program. Our faculty will guide you toward global citizenship
Admissions Process & Strategy
6 Things to Do Instead of Stressing About Acceptance Letters
Her Campus - Mar 24, 2018
College Students Share Must-Do's for High School Juniors
US News - Mar 19, 2018
A successful college application typically involves months of hard work, which often begins during a student’s junior year of high school. If you are a junior who has not yet started to build your applications, make plans to begin this spring.
Advice to future college applicants: Find a balance when deciding where to apply
The Intelligencer - Mar 15, 2018
If you limit your ‘dream school’ to one college, you’re likely to be disappointed. Instead, focus on multiple schools that seem like a good fit.
The Top 5 Secrets Colleges Don't Want High School Students to Know
Teen Life–March 20, 2018
The college application process is overwhelming for most parents and students. There is so much information to gather and decipher, along with decisions to make and options to consider
Campus Visits
Make the most of upcoming campus visits
Tribune News Service - Mar 19, 2018
Pros and cons of making summer college visits
Jackson Sun - Mar 23, 2018
Looking for the right college? Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your college visits
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Mar 9, 2018
College Connection: SAT exam tips for a higher score
MyCentralJersey - Mar 28, 2018
How to Evaluate ACT, SAT Math Before Choosing an Exam
US News - Mar 26, 2018
Don't Use SAT and ACT as Your High School Tests, Study Urges
US News - Mar 13, 2018
New Book Keeps Thumb On SAT Side Of Standardized Testing Debate
Forbes Mar 22, 2018
Columns and Blogs

Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Help Wanted: 10,000 New School Counselors
Post - Mar 28, 2018

College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Make the most of upcoming campus visits
Tribune News Service - March 19, 2018

The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Getting Rejected From Elite Universities
The College Solution -Mar 5, 2018
5 Questions You Should Ask Your School Counselor When Applying for College
Student Loan Hero - Mar 23, 2018
If your answer is no, you aren’t alone. According to a five-year study by YouthTruth, just 60% of seniors and 32% of juniors received counseling on how to apply for college.
School counselors may be the best defense against school shootings
The Baltimore Sun - Mar 23, 2018
In the wake of yet another horrific school shooting, television and radio pundits and social media participants are once again consumed with discussion about what needs to be done to stop the insanity of having innocent young lives
Kids miss college because their parents won’t apply for financial aid
89.3 - Mar 19, 2018
At Downtown Magnets High School in Los Angeles, college counselor Lynda McGee talked about a “heartbreaking” case. A senior at the school, a U.S. citizen with grades strong enough to get into college, couldn’t get her parents to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA
44% Of Parents Feel Guilty Over Inadequate College Savings
MySanAntonio - Mar 16, 2018
It’s Time to Tell Your Kids It Doesn’t Matter Where They Go To College
TIME - Mar 22, 2018
Do colleges put too much pressure on students to impress admissions committees?
PBS NewsHour - January 20, 2016
How to write better essays
Augusta Free Press - Mar 27, 2018
Do you know that you can easily improve your writing skills without attending special courses or spending hours on theory and practice? In fact, the art of writing is not so complicated as we used to believe
Students With Disabilities
High schools push few students with disabilities to consider college
Hechinger Report - Mar 26, 2018
Most students with disabilities can make it to and through college, but are hindered by low expectations.
March 29, 2018
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An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Financial Aid for College
US News - Mar 26, 2018
Many families are shocked by a college’s sticker price. While the price of tuition can be overwhelming, a financial aid package can make college more affordable.
Scholarships are out there, you just have to know where to find them
Des Moines Register - Mar 23, 2018
Six Things to Know About Appealing Financial Aid Awards
Wealth Management - Mar 12, 2018
How 'custodial accounts' can affect college financial aid - Mar 20, 2018
Letters of Recommendation
How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation for College
U.S. News & World Report - Mar 28, 2018
How to ask for a letter of recommendation
Verde News -Mar 27, 2018
Knowledge, skills and personality can get students far, but having the right people in their corners can open doors for new opportunities that students might otherwise never have considered. Perhaps this is why recommendations are so coveted when applying to schools.