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Justice Department Investigating How Colleges Use Early-Decision
NPR - Apr 13, 2018
The Justice Department is investigating whether colleges communicate with each other about prospective students they accept through the early-decision process. AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: Recently we talked about the college admissions process and the growing use of wait lists. On the other side of the equation?
States use direct mail, money, to get more of their residents back to college
Hechinger Report - Apr 18, 2018
Early decision college process faces DOJ scrutiny - Apr 16, 2018
A fun thing to do when you have few minutes is watch college acceptance videos on YouTube. In one classic example, Rylee Hickman, a high school senior in St. Petersburg, Florida, sits at her laptop,
The Future of College Looks Like the Future of Retail
The Atlantic - Apr 16, 2018
Online learning has come a long way since the turn of the millennium. It certainly hasn’t displaced traditional colleges, as its biggest proponents said it had the potential to, but it has gained widespread popularity:
It's Time For Small Colleges To Rethink The 'Campus' Experience - Apr 12, 2018
Nowhere is the landscape more perilous for small private colleges than in New England. In just the past few years, declining enrollments and fiscal woes have prompted Marian Court College in Swampscott to close
Where Colleges Recruit … and Where They Don't
Inside Higher Ed - Apr 16, 2018
Stories abound this year about how top colleges are overwhelmed with applications and have no problem filling their classes. For elite public and private institutions, there is truth in those statements. Large shares of their applicants don’t need to be recruited.
Admissions Process & Strategy
Most colleges say applicants' social media profiles are 'fair game,' survey says
Clelveland Plain Dealer - Apr 17, 2018
Survey: Social Media 'Fair Game' in Admissions
Inside Higher Ed - Apr 17, 2018
Will high school activism hurt your college chances?
WTOP-2 Apr 16, 2018
Waiting - Rejection - Accepting
Are you on the waitlist at your dream college? Here’s what you should do
MarketWatch- Apr 16, 2018
More high school seniors may be finding themselves in limbo this year as they end up on the wait list of their favorite college. But students who want to fight the long odds to get off the list at competitive schools shouldn’t just sit around.
How to Write the Perfect Letter to Get Off a College Waitlist
TeenLife Blog - Apr 12, 2018
5 Questions To Ask Before Deciding Where To Go To College
HuffPost - Apr 16, 2018
The counterintuitive economics of choosing a college
Quartz - Apr 16, 2018
College Visits
Tips on how to have an effective college campus visit
The Philadelphia Tribune-Apr 15, 2018
For high school students who are in the process of researching a variety of colleges and universities, admissions professionals recommend scheduling campus visits to get a better feel for the schools. Here are tips for how students can get the most out of college visits.
How to Get the Most Out of College Visits With Your Kid
Lifehacker Australia-Apr 13, 2018
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Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Safe Schools, as Seen by School Counselors
Post - April 19 2018

College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Take these steps if you decide to stay on the wait-list at your dream school
Tribune News Service - April 16, 2018

The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Don’t Overlook College Graduation Rates
The College Solution Blog - Apr 2, 2018
What the shortage of school counselors means for high school students in Michigan
Michigan Radio - Apr 11, 2018
The ideal ratio of students to school counselors is 250-to-1.The ratio in Michigan high schools these days? About 500-to-1. In some schools, it’s around 750-to-1.
NC considering adding more school psychologists
WCNC- Apr 11, 2018
Michigan schools skimp on guidance counselors as demand for services soars
Detroit Free Press - Apr 12, 2018
As a veteran high school counselor in Livonia Public Schools, on any given day I help determine when students need extra classroom attention, flag potential mental health concerns or problems at home, and help students chart career paths that lead to bright and prosperous futures.
Even if You Have a Lot of Assets, Your College Student Could Qualify for Aid
Motley Fool - Apr 18, 2018
Ease Up On Asking About Seniors' Plans For College
Hartford Courant- Apr 14, 2018
Watch out for these scams when figuring out how to pay for college
CNBC - Apr 13, 2018
As students commit to a college this spring, they face yet another hurdle: Finding the money for four years of tuition payments.
With the cost of college and student loan balances climbing, some parents and their children will clamor for any and all help available.
Student loan debt: What kids and their parents need to know - Apr 13, 2018
Do colleges put too much pressure on students to impress admissions committees?
PBS NewsHour - January 20, 2016
Career & Technical Education
With our shortage of skilled workers, career and technical education is ready to be taken seriously
PBS NewsHour - Apr 13, 2018
MANCHESTER, N.H. — It was tough to nail down a favorite: maybe the chicken cordon bleu with sweet potatoes. But the lasagna was also amazing, and it was hard to top the scalloped potatoes that came with the prime rib.
This high school finds success combining college-ready classes with career training
PBS NewsHour - Apr 16, 2018
The state is making a sizable investment in these schools, with an eye toward fueling its economic engines by teaching students how to play a role in high-need, growing fields like advanced manufacturing and health services. Ideally, their high school graduates will be able to handle college-level work or step right into a …
Workers are climbing wind turbines to the middle class
Hechinger Report - Apr 16, 2018
April 19, 2018
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Financial Aid/Scholarships
Expert Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of College Aid, Student Loans And Scholarships
CBS New York - Apr 18, 2018
It’s a very exciting time for high school seniors who are finding out which colleges they’ve been accepted to. It can also be a very overwhelming time for parents as they wonder how they’re going to pay for it all.
Financial Aid Award Letters: What to Look For
Greater Wilmington Business Journal - Apr 13, 2018
Your financial aid award letter has arrived.  You open the letter expecting to see exactly how much you’ll have to pay for that education but instead, you’re left scratching your head. The aid package is broken down into a combination of loans, awards, grants and work-study
Didn't get as much financial aid as you'd hoped? You can negotiate for more
CNBC - Apr 13, 2018
For Divorced Couples, College Student Aid Is Based on a Number of Factors
Nasdaq - Apr 18, 2018
My Dream College Said Yes, But I Can't Go
Hartford Courant - Apr 18, 2018
5-Step Checklist for Parents Seeking Financial Aid for College
Student Loan Hero (blog)- Apr 16, 2018
What Happens If You Misuse Your Student Loans
US News - Apr 18, 2018
College Supplemental Essay Tips
US News Apr 16, 2018
College essay writing tips: Do’s & don’ts
KnowTechie - Apr 18, 2018
Here’s What You Need to Know About Online Testing for the ACT and SAT
New York Times - Apr 5, 2018
ACT’s test administrator, Pearson Assessment, uses proctor caching: Each testing location has its own local server, which downloads the test, delivers it to individual students and collects the answers before returning them to Pearson’s home server
Commentary: Time to Ditch the SAT
U.S. News & World Report- Apr 13, 2018
When I was in high school, the SAT had a section on synonyms and antonyms; College Board president David Coleman proclaims that the new SAT no longer tests for knowledge of obscure vocabulary words. Today, nearly every component of the SAT reflects the philosophy of the Common Core. It is doubtful, however, …