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The Curse of Being a Highly Selective College
The Atlantic - Apr 11, 2018
Getting into America’s top colleges is extremely hard, but making sense of how it’s decided who gets in is arguably even harder. By and large, colleges—especially the most selective ones—are allowed to keep their methods to themselves.
Even if they want to go to college, millions of adults live in higher education “deserts”
Hechinger Report - Apr 9, 2018
At least 25 miles from the nearest campus, they also don’t have internet speeds to study online
Some Colleges Share Lists of Early-Decision Admits. Now the Justice Department Is Investigating.
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Apr 8, 2018
Don’t look now, but the federal government is scrutinizing another aspect of the admissions process. As Inside Higher Ed first reported on Friday,
With Changing Students and Times, Colleges Are Going Back to School
New York Times - Apr 5, 2018
Many colleges and universities are facing a gloomy picture, painted by polls, politics and population shifts that are forcing an overhaul of campuses across the country.
The higher education divide: The ‘haves’ keep getting richer. Other schools? Not so much.
Washington Post - Apr 6, 2018
The college admissions season is coming to a close and once again, the results demonstrate the growing divide in American higher education between the haves and have-nots.
How to Level the College Playing Field
New York Times - Apr 7, 2018
Admissions Process & Strategy
Best Value Colleges 2018: 300 Schools Worth The Investment
Forbes - Apr 10, 2018
New Survey Shows Value Of Community Service In College Admissions
Forbes - Apr 5, 2018
College Connection: Are AP courses really necessary? Apr 5, 2018
Should Your Teen Get a Job? College Admissions Counselors Weigh In
Yahoo News - Apr 9, 2018
'Demonstrated Interest' Is Really Time-Consuming
Inside Higher Ed (blog)-Apr 8, 2018
Waiting - Rejection - Accepting
After you've been accepted to college, here's how to not throw away your shot
89.3 KPCC-Apr 9, 2018
Many high school seniors are either giddy or distraught right around now because they’re receiving acceptance letters from colleges and universities.
7 Things to Do After Accepting a College
Her Campus - Apr 7, 2018
How To Make April Less Cruel For Students Admitted To College
Forbes - Apr 10, 2018
6 Questions to Ask at Admitted Students Days
US NEWS - Apr 10, 2018
So you’ve been waitlisted—here are 3 things you should do
CNBC - Apr 11, 2018
College Waitlists Often Waste Would-Be Students' Time - Apr 9, 2018
Those are just some of the thoughts that high school seniors have tweeted in the past few weeks. They’ve opened their mail — or, more likely, an online portal — to finally hear decisions from colleges. But many didn’t get one.
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Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

You Are Number Three on the Waitlist
Post - April 12 2018

College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

What to do when you have the wait-list blues
Tribune News Service - April 9, 2018

The College Solution Blog with Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Don’t Overlook College Graduation Rates
The College Solution Blog - Apr 2, 2018
How to Learn About College Affordability in High School
U.S. News & World Report - Apr 11, 2018
A new survey explores how school counselors advise students on college affordability and student debt.
Financial literacy can hold key to college success
EdSource - Apr 10, 2018
Psychologists: Early Help Could Deter School Violence
U.S. News & World Report-Apr 9, 2018
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina school psychologists and guidance counselors say hiring more of them would help public schools identify students with mental health challenges sooner and reduce the possibility of serious violence.
How Much Influence Should Your Parents Have On Your College Choice?
Her Campus - Apr 4, 2018
10 Ways to Help Your Teen With the College Decision
US NEWS - Apr 9, 2018
Choosing a college is an exciting but also stressful process for many teens. Parents should try to be understanding during this time, instead of adding more stress
As college acceptance letters arrive, parents and students worry about debt
CNBC - Apr 7. 2018
Do colleges put too much pressure on students to impress admissions committees?
PBS NewsHour - January 20, 2016
Career & Technical Education
These rare schools see benefits of combining AP classes with vocational training
PBS NewsHour - Apr 11, 2018
REDMOND, Wash. — On a recent winter morning at Tesla STEM High School, juniors in Kate Allender’s first-period AP Psychology class were busy preparing for an upcoming unit test
Building the workforce ready generation: Strategic steps higher ed leaders can take
Education Dive- Apr 10, 2018
Concerns over employers not being able to fill workforce gaps with qualified graduates has become a growing theme throughout higher education conversations; leaders throughout the U.S. News & World STEM
April 12, 2018
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Financial Aid/Scholarships
Share Your Financial Aid Award Letters With Us - Apr 10, 2018
NPR Ed is investigating student financial aid award letters, and we’d like to see the ones that you and your college-bound kids have received.
Appealing financial aid offers
Jackson Sun - Apr 6, 2018
Here's how to understand your financial aid offer
CNBC - Apr 3, 2018
When it comes to applying to college, there is only one notification more significant than being accepted: the financial aid letter.
But unlike getting in, it’s rarely black and white.
How to Read and Compare Financial Aid Awards
Poughkeepsie Journal - Apr 2, 2018
5 Tips for Your College Essay
TG Daily - Apr 3, 2018
Students all the time ask if their admission essay is important and makes a difference when it comes to a college application. The answer is «Yes». Your admission essay is absolutely important for any college
10 Essay Starting Red Flags
Baltimore Post-Examiner - Apr 11, 2018
Tips from an Admissions Counselor: How AP Scores Are Really Viewed
Azusa Pacific University-Apr 10, 2018
California, kill the SAT and ACT essay
Los Angeles Times - Apr 10, 2018
Every year more than a million students pay an extra fee to do the optional essay section of the SAT and ACT, though according to a Princeton Review analysis only 27 colleges and universities in the country require submission of an essay score