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The Confusing Information Colleges Provide Students About Financial Aid
The Atlantic - Jun 6, 2018
Families need clarity when it comes to figuring out how much higher education is going to cost them. Unfortunately, that’s not what they’re getting.
OPINION: Is Congress about to cut nearly $15 billion from student-aid programs?
Hechinger Report - Jun 13, 2018
Right now, Congress is thinking about rewriting the Higher Education Act (HEA), the massive law that provides financial aid to students and families.
Why do so many students drop out of college? And what can be done about it?
Washington Post - Jun 8, 2018
More than 3 million students will graduate from U.S. high schools this month, and two-thirds of them will head off to college next fall. If history is any guide, for many of them
Report Says Colleges Aren't Delivering Good Jobs; It's Probably Wrong
Forbes - Jun 6, 2018
The Permanent Detour is a report by Burning Glass Technologies and Strada Institute for the Future of Work (formerly USA Funds) that uses job postings and resumes to make assessments about college degree holders who take jobs for which a degree is not required
Rethinking the Metrics of College Admissions
EdSurge - Jun 13, 2018
When we consider college access for low-income, first-generation and other underrepresented populations, little attention is put on rethinking the metrics considered in the admissions process
Admissions Process & Strategy
Google Adds Federal Data to College Searches
Inside Higher Ed - Jun 13, 2018
Google search makes it easier to find your dream college
EnGadget - Jun 12, 2018
Ask 4 Questions to See If an Expensive College Is Worth It
Student Loan Hero (blog)-Jun 7, 2018
Summer is a key time for research on what college to attend
Chicago Tribune - Jun 7, 2018
Fresh Talk: College Admission Pits Me Against Classmates
Hartford Courant - Jun 13, 2018
Competition. Everything we know is competition. How do we survive? We compete. We compete for the best jobs and the most money and the best food and the
New App to Help Disadvantaged High Schoolers Pick the Right College — and Know What to Expect When They Get There
The 74-Jun 6, 2018
For Columbia University Teachers College students Asha Owens and Rebecca Kwee, seeking the answer to why so many first-generation college students don’t finish their degrees meant going back
College Visits
7 Things They Don’t Tell You at Orientation
Her Campus - Jun 9, 2018
Orientation is a great time for you to meet potential friends, get to know your school and ask any questions you may have, but there’s still a lot to learn.
Do summer jobs provide lifelong benefits for teens?
Phys.Org-Jun 12, 2018
Summer jobs are more than just a paycheck for teens, CPA says
WIVB-TV News 4-Jun 11, 2018
Teen Health
Allergies Can Impact Teens’ Mental Health - Jun 12, 2018
New research asserts allergies can have serious, far-reaching consequences, especially on adolescent sufferers.
After High School, Young Women's Exercise Rates Plunge
NPR-Jun 11, 2018
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Counselors’ Corner with Patrick O’Connor Ph.D

Living on the Edge of the World
Post - Jun 13, 2018

College Admissions Strategies with Lee Bierer

Last minute tips to make the most of your summer
Tribune News Service - Jun 12 2018

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Mythical Golden Tickets and the Ivy League
The College Solution Blog - May 16, 2018
After Santa Fe shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott wants to put more counselors in schools. Educators say that’s not enough.
Texas Tribune - Jun 12, 2018
In a state that doesn’t require counselors in schools, Abbott is recommending school districts find money to hire more counselors and allow them to focus on student mental health rather than administrative tasks like scheduling and college admissions
College-bound students run risk of 'summer melt'
Newsday-Jun 7, 2018
The summer before his freshman year of college, David Hernandez got a notice from the University of California asking him for a housing deposit he had no idea was due.
The Perils Of Pushing Kids Too Hard, And How Parents Can Learn To Back Off - Jun 11, 2018
On New Year’s Eve, back in 2012, Savannah Eason retreated into her bedroom and picked up a pair of scissors. “I was holding them up to my palm as if to cut myself,” she says. “Clearly what was happening was I needed someone to do something.”
Parents: Make Sure You Understand All About These College Loans
TeenLife Blog - Jun 12, 2018
Rising cost of college creating a financial hole for parents, students: Foolish Take
USA Today - Jun 9, 2018
Help teens reverse engineer a career
Montgomery Advertiser-Jun 11, 2018
11 of the best pieces of advice for the Class of 2018
PBS NewsHour - Jun 8, 2018
The class of 2018 got its fair share of advice from politicians, actors and industry leaders at graduations around the country. Offering wisdom and humor, here’s what some of the well-known commencement speakers said.
Career & Technical Education
What the US can learn from Switzerland’s successful approach to vocational education
Quartz - Jun 12, 2018
Every year millions of Americans receive an asset that, based on past performance, promises to nearly double their lifetime incomes: a bachelor’s degree.

Apprenticeships and two-year degrees are calling -- is anyone listening?
Duluth News Tribune-Jun 9, 2018
Microsoft invests $200,000 into program for student with disabilities
Daily Illini
Microsoft invested $200,000 to the Accessibility Lighthouse Program, which is designated to help provide resources to students with disabilities, in collaboration with colleges on campus.
Accommodating the Disabled in Higher Ed
Wall Street Journal - Jun 5, 2018
June 14, 2018
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Financial Aid/Scholarships
Why are college costs less clear than car prices?
Los Angeles Times-Jun 8, 2018
After the all-important college acceptances, the next vital pieces of paper arrive: financial aid “award” letters. High school seniors and their parents have to scrutinize each grant, scholarship and loan option to figure out which college they can afford
How to Get Financial Aid If Your Parents Make Too Much
Student Loan Hero (blog)-Jun 12, 2018
50 US Colleges With the Most Generous Financial Aid Packages
Student Loan Hero (blog)-Jun 11, 2018
Financial Aid Award Letters Can Be Hard to Understand
LendEDU News-Jun 12, 2018
3 Differences Between ACT English, SAT Writing
US News - Jun 11, 2018
When deciding whether to register for the ACT or SAT, high school students should choose the test that plays to their strengths. Understanding the differences between the ACT English section and the SAT Writing and Language section

What Predicts College Completion? High School GPA Beats SAT Score
Forbes - Jun 11, 2018
Gap Year
6 ways college is different in the US and the UK
Business Insider-Jun 12, 2018
Although they share a language and parts of history, the United States and the United Kingdom are still very distinct countries with a number of cultural differences